Medical Invoice needs to be prepared by healthcare service providers, hospitals, and pharmaceutical companies. For supporting those organizations this section focus on providing FREE MEDICAL INVOICE TEMPLATE. You can also find many details regarding the invoice, billing, and statement papers about the medical bills.

How do these templates help the medical industry? One can quickly download the templates in word or excel format to customize and start using. The medical management system is quite complicated and to prepare the invoice requires much time and money.

Hence you can quickly download the free invoice and fill them for raising an invoice for any of your medical billing purposes. This section further aims at educating you about the various terminology associated with the medical services to interpret the invoice and the medical bills.

Free Medical Invoice Template

Medical Invoice Template Word

You would love to take a ready-made template. Who will not like to make one’s job quick and simple? Yes, but what I felt was to let you know the actual steps involved in filling the medical invoice template in word.

Step 1 – Click the download icon and save the template to your PC or laptop.

Step 2 – Open the template in your system and first, you will have the invoice number and fill that. Next, enter the contact information of your medical practice address or hospital address. Do not forget to fill the fax, emailed, and the telephone number. Also, fill the patient contact detail on the right-hand side.

Step 3 – Mention the patient’s details such as their height, weight, blood pressure, and the date of the examination.

Step 4 – Clearly mention and describe all the different services carried out in testing the patient on separate rows on the table. Next, write the medicines you prescribed on the left-hand side.

Step 5 –   Enter the amount details for every service and calculate the total amount for each service and the final total amount to be paid.

Print the invoice and sign at the bottom with your seal, and yes your invoice is ready.


Generic Invoice Medical And Healthcare

Invoice For Medical Records Template

Do you want to know about a Medical Record? It’s a simple document that records all the medical history of a patient.

So what does an invoice should contain medical records? HERE YOU GO with those details. Recommend you to download the template.

It will contain the

  • Patient Name and Contact Details
  • Date Of Treatment Taken
  • Medical History of their ailments, surgery details have undergone if anyone, family history of any disease, etc.
  • Details of treatment taken with dates.
  • Doctor’s details.
  • Test Results
  • Medicine Prescribed


Health Care Invoice Template

Medical Billing Invoice Template – Medical Bill Covers The Following Information

Medical bills are a mandatory document for patients to get their treatment fees reimbursed from the insurer. You need to take care while stating to make sure they make sense to the receiver. The cost might vary from hospital to hospital even within the same city.

Several aspects play a role in calculating the medical bill. So let’s get into the job of understanding the details that decide the cost of ever medical services. For instance, the infrastructure of a hospital contributes to the charges; it will naturally be higher at a luxury hospital for they need to pay salary to their staffs and other expenses.

Healthcare Invoice

Healthcare invoice template

I Will Take You Through The Details Exhaustively.

Hospital Facility – The hospital that has more beds will provide more services and can accommodate many patients at the same given time. When they treat many patients at one single time, they need more equipment, and that will make them charge more for their services.

Demand Supply – This is yet a new aspect that talks about the capacity and physician availability. Say for example the size of the hospital is more and one specialist visit the hospital, then the demand is more, and many patients will visit. But, the specialist doctor is less in number, and hence the supply is less and will increase the cost. When the supply and demand are balanced, the value is optimal. Sometimes for a less demand and more supply again the cost will be high as the hospital will look at maintaining the hospital only with the people who visit them and hence keep the prices high. Consequently, you can provide bills to your patients upon explaining these terms.

Hospital Invoice

Reputation – Now, the hospital reputation and that is the crucial factor. Always it is well-known that the reputed hospital will charge more. People would not mind visiting such hospitals for the guarantee they have in getting appropriately treated. So when you work for such hospitals, you may prepare your bill according to the policy of your management.

However, before you give the medical bill to the patients take some moral responsibility to explain the terms and conditions. This would help them to use the statements that can fulfill their need for claim insurance etc.

Hospital Invoice Template

Medical Billing Statement Paper

Some people work at the back end in hospitals from the time you book an appointment till you get your bills. People do not even know about the demand from the insurance agencies to reimburse their amount for getting treated or treating their kith for a health condition. Therefore the health care providers who understand the nuances of the medical billing can give the details consolidated as a statement.

Hospital Invoice Templates

When every person visits the doctor, then the doctor clinic or hospital will submit the bill to the insurance company. These details are used by the insurance provider to reimburse the patient if they have already paid or will pay the fees to the hospital. Therefore the statement that is submitted by the hospital must be elaborate and only then the insurance company will make payment.

Medical And Healthcare Generic Invoice

What Next?

At the time when the insurance company makes payment, they will send a report called as the EOB explaining the doctor’s service. Explanation of Benefits must be interpreted well to know how much and for what all expenses the insurance company has agreed to pay for.

The statement prepared by the doctor’s office to an individual is called the Medical Billing Statement Paper. So all the health care providers can use the templates given for your perusal to fill in the necessary details and send them across to the patient.

Medical Bill Format

Points To Check With The Medical Billing Statement Paper And EOB

Dates of the service and the description mentioned in the statement must tally with the EOB for the insurance company to pay the hospital. So if you are using the statement template make sure to give the appropriate details.

Wait until 60 days, and when the insurance company does not revert, then you must check with them. There are chances that they have doubts about your statement and they are in the process of verification.

Keep the statement filed for all your future references.

Medical Bill Template

Pharmacy Bill Format In Excel

Ok, let’s look at the pharmacy bills. When I tell pharmacy bill, then it is clear that it will contain all the medicine details. It is a clean bill with not much of any hidden terms. So, I will deep dive in explaining you about the steps in proposing Excel.

Step 1 – Click download and save the Excel bill template to your PC.

Step 2 – Mention the pharmacy name, contact details, shop registration number, etc. on the top. Enter the date and invoice number on the right.

Step 3 – Next section is to fill the patient’s name, address, and contact number. Also, mentioned the doctor’s detail below the patient information.

Step 4 – Now in the table fill the medicine name and price in the adjacent columns. List all medicines details one below the other. Enter the actual amount and include tax details and make the total.

Step 5 – Print the bill and sign with the pharmacy seal.


Medical Expense Invoice

Hospital Bill Sample

I agree with you and your concern. I have been talking about the bill and the details to be involved in the statement. Still, you may feel great to take a look at the sample.

This can help you make a better bill.

Prepare The Bill Clearly To Help Your Patients Interpret Them.

Charges Mentioned THE Hospital Bill

  • Hospital Name and Address.
  • Patient Name and Contact Details.
  • Details and price of the hospital services including the test taken, a procedure was done, medicine offered, and consultation charges.
  • Total
  • Signature with date

For Those Who Require A Bill For Claiming Insurance Cover The Following

Insurance coverage details.

Amount paid details and information about the person who made the payment.

Deductibles – It is the sum of money the patient to pay the insurance company can not cover that. There is a percentage that has to be borne by the patient and remaining will be covered by the insurance company. Hence the bill must explicitly mention those details to let know the insurance to know their break up.

It is essential to follow the sample and fill the bill template and make sure the insurance company EOB is in line with the hospital statement.

Medical Expense Invoice Template

Medical Bill Checklist

It is a good practice to check the medical bill as it is not possible or advisable to generate many statements under one invoice number. As it is a question of your hospital’s reputation and hence check the following before you print your report.

Seven Point Check List To Safeguard Your Reputation

  • Date and Days – Make sure your bill has the admission date, and discharge date mentioned accurately. Calculate the number of days the patient stayed in the hospital. Based on your hospital policy include days of admission and discharge according to the time. Few hospitals consider entry starts from 8 AM and is deemed to be full charge even when one admits till 8 in the evening. Likewise, the hospital administration will frame many details, and when you fill the bill, please ensure there is no gap.
  • Numbers – Numbers includes the fees, some supplies purchased, and all price details considered a number. Double check if you have entered all aspects without missing any digits. If losing one ZERO for a bill of 50000, you will be sued and hence BEWARE.

Medical Expense Invoice Templates

  • Double Entry – Reconfirm if you have made all entries and only once. Do not enter any charge the second time. It is offensive, and you will tarnish the hospital image with your careless act.
  • Medicine Details – Check for the medicine details and cross verify the charges, expiry date, quantity, and
  • Know what all medical supplies/instruments are part of the hospital bill and for what you need to charge extra.
  • Similarly, check the test taken by the patient and the cost entered. Also, move one step ahead and find if the patient disease the test go hand in hand.
  • Returned Supplies – Remember to cancel the returned supplies, and medicines amount have been deducted from the bill.

When you can spend 7 minutes to check these 7 points on all your bills, then you can be sure of the correctness of the statements.

Medical Invoice


Medical Invoice Generator

Medical Bill Format

For those who are interested in making their template, you can refer this section. Get to know the essential elements to be present in the medical bill. The primary therapeutic bill format will have few aspects which are a must and hence you need to know what they are.

  • Use an excel sheet for this purpose. It will easy with an excel as you need not draw any lines.
  • Write the company name on the top center
  • Date, invoice number next to the title and they must be left aligned.
  • Patient name and contact details will come next.
  • Then services, medicines, test details with price in two adjacent columns one below the other. Calculate the total and add tax to get the whole
  • The signature should be at the end along with the company and address details.

Medical Invoice Template

Medical Invoice Templates

Physician Billing Statement

Benefits of Using Medical Bill Invoice Template

Yes, I am sure I gave you many details, and now you must know why you need the templates.

You can fill the bills with the assurance that the format is in line with the industry as they are prepared concerning the medical management system.

Also, these are prepared by professionals, and you can get going by using them instead of investing your time in making them from scratch.

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