Music Bands PowerPoint Template

Music bands, consisting of vocalists and musical instrument players are found in genres of music such as rock music, pop music and even religious music bands with genres such as Christian rock.

Music And Dance PowerPoint Template

Without the accompaniment of music, dance seems lifeless as it can add more passion and grace to movements. Music varies for different styles of dance such as classical music for ballet performances, jazz music for swing dances, etc.

Lyrics PowerPoint Template

Lyrics are a series of words and phrases, with or without meaning meant to convey expressions or emotions and a very important part of songs.

Radio PowerPoint Template

The medium of radio, also known as FM Transmitter, has been in use since the late 19th century and was extensively utilized during the period of 1900’s, when wars and events were at an all-time high and music from the wireless device came as a boon.

Radio Jockeying PowerPoint Template

Radio jockeying is a popular career in the music industry, and who interacts with his audience via online, or FM mediums. An RJ is required to play songs and be an engaging personality, to keep listeners hooked or connected and hence earn revenue.

Rhythm Of Music PowerPoint Template

It is a succession of elements in music such as beat, tempo, meter and accent which forms a semblance of musical composition. It depends on the element of time, and melody is another element dependent on rhythm.

Music styles PowerPoint Template

Different genres of music aside, countries and cultures also have traditional set of music styles they follow, by origin or ethnicity. A popular example is the discovery of hip-hop or ghetto music, said to have developed as a commentary by the colored races of African and American origin on racial discrimination.

Music Concerts PowerPoint Template

  Music concerts are shows, small and large scale, with live performances by established musicians and budding artists. They are usually accompanied by tunes from musical instruments like acoustic guitars, percussion, electronic drum kits, and violins and saxophones for classical and jazz concerts. This Music Concerts PowerPoint Template features a grey cloud bubble with the words […]

Vintage Music PowerPoint Template

  Music in the 1960’s to 1980’s can be classified under the category of classic vintage music era, where tunes with more mellow notes and more subtle lyrics were predominant. Vintage music was reliant on music instruments like the piano and saxophone, and big on genres like jazz and edgier grunge music in countries like […]

Classic Guitar PowerPoint Template

  A popular musical instrument, it is popular and has been actively used in the music scene, inclusive of film music scores and live performances, since the 20th century. The guitar is an instrument with various strings made of materials such as nylon string, steel strings, etc and requires knowledge of chords to play it […]

Karaoke PowerPoint Template

  It is a popular and fun form of entertainment relying on music with Japanese origin. The individuals taking part in karaoke sessions are required to sing along to an instrumental music background score. Karaoke parties are held during occasions such as birthdays, anniversaries or normal house parties to entertain guests. This Karaoke PowerPoint Template features […]