Certificate of participation template – 25 + Downloadable Template Formats

If you feel like showing someone your gratitude for taking part in an occasion, club or meeting, below you will find a number of the printable certificate of participation template which you can use as you please.

What is a certificate of participation?

A most important element of management, whether leading a classroom, locker room or boardroom, is to improve and care for morale. By remembering your employees, students or maybe athletes for a good job done with our tailor-make certificate of participation; you will make a more contented, more creative office!

It is fine to encourage employees/students and the finest motivation for them is honoring them with a certificate of participation. It will give confidence to them and they will feel special and enhance their self-respect.

Battle of Books Certificate of Partcipation Template

Certificate of participation wording

There are no strict principles for Certificate of participation wording, but the majority follows set rules of thumb. The set rules make your certificate professional.

Most of the participation certificates contain seven wording sections. The sections are:

  1. Title
  2. Presentation line
  3. Name of the recipient
  4. From
  5. Description
  6. Date
  7. Signature

Certificate of Attendance and Partcipation Template

Certificate of participation format

There is no particular format to make a certificate of participation. I have presented a few free printable participation certificates and they all have a nice border around them. The certificate of participation format requires you to fill in the needed information like name of the awardee, the purpose of the award, the date they receive it and with the signature of the issuing head.


Certificate of Partcipation in Seminar

Certificate of participation design

Designing of the participation certificate is left to your own creativity. When you download or print my template then you will be able to alter the text place, modify the fonts, and insert your own images, logos plus clipart if you like.

These free Certificate of participation design templates have borders which you can use. You will also get lots of other alternatives in my templates, and you can alter the colors on them.

Certificate of Partcipation in Training Template

Certificate of participation template for seminar

Training workshops, conferences, seminars and another similar kind of activities are very useful and help in building up an individual’s understanding on one hand plus render him with the much-required contact on the other. Furthermore, the experience of going to such events also helps to improve an individual’s self-assurance and leaves a very constructive impact on the CV.

In designing a certificate, there are a lot of alternatives available. One way is you can make use of my seminar participation certificate from my gatherings of templates. These templates render you with a pre-made design that can be customized. Furthermore, these templates are free. The significant constituents of this document are the name of the receiver and the name of the associated institute or organization.

Certificate of Partcipation Template

Sample certificate of participation in training

My training certificate templates are intended to meet a scope of various needs and conditions, including company training programs, official certifications, and shorter training meetings.

There is no “one size fits all” approach with regards to designing a good award certificate, and the free training certificate templates below are appropriate for a wide range of conditions.

These training participation certificates are completely editable and can be utilized for any training program or instructional course. Remember the tips delineated above and you will be well on your approach to planning the ideal certificate!


Certificate of Partcipation Template Basketball

Pageant certificate participation

Pageant means events like beauty contests although it can denote any show, exhibition; particularly a detailed colorful display or sight regularly with music that comprises of a sequence of tableaux, of a freely unified drama, or of a parade generally with floats’. Hence you can find Christmas pageants, Santa Claus parade and the spectacular Republic Day pageants in India.

Fascinatingly, there are child beauty pageants too which is beauty contends having contestants below the age of 16 years.

Certificate of Partcipation Template Music

The design, color and font size for the pegeant participation certificate can be chosen as per option and a blank space is allowed for the recipient’s or the participant’s name to be filled in by hand so as to provide a personal touch.


Certificate of Partcipation Template School


Certificate of Partcipation Template Sports

Certificate wording for students

Standard declarations are cheap, and I have given student achievement templates accessible to download enabling you to print certificates in a matter of minutes on the grounds that the design and wording are present there already for you. You should simply put the beneficiary’s name and date on the certificate and print it out when it is perfectly done! Without any difficulty and ease of designing and printing your own particular student award certificates, what, at in the first place, may have appeared like an overwhelming task, is a breeze now!

The child exerts more and works for additional hours to be among the best performing. In this way, the child is justified regardless of the additional time you need to go through to furnish them with a customized honor role.

Child Certificate of Partcipation Template


Choir Certificate of Partcipation Template

Free Certificate of Partcipation Template Sports

A printable roll certificate template will help you to furnish the students with an impeccable certificate that will recognize their being on the honor roll. By compensating your students, you will urge them into putting forth their best.

Modern Certificate of Partcipation Template

Participation Certificate in Banking

Professional Certificate of Partcipation Template

Religious Certificate of Partcipation Template

Sample Certificate of Partcipation in Training

Sceince Fair Certificate of Partcipation Template

Spelling Bee Certificate of Partcipation Template

Template for Certificate of Partcipation in Seminar

How to utilize printable/downloadable certificates of participation templates

The Printable Certificates of Participation have to be downloaded and saved as Adobe PDF files. These templates are blank so that you can add your own workings to it. All you need to do is to open the Certificates of Participation templates and get a print out of the same. Next, fill in the blank information on the template and give it to the person whom you intend to.

Template for Certificate of Partcipation in Workshop

Toastmaster Certificate of Partcipation Template