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Every individual likes to get acknowledged for their work. Especially when they attend any training program, they look for a participation certificate. This certificate holds good to add to their profile. It not only helps them to find a job but also to use them for their future use. Like one can get additional training by showing the existing certificate etc. Do you run a training organization? Are you looking for training someone on any niche skills? Then you can benefit from this page. Yes, you can find training participation certificate template for free. Download and use them to give to the people who attend your training.

Certificate of participation training template

This small addition to your training will add professionalism to your firm. It does not cost you anything to download the template. That sounds glad, and you must feel great.


Certificate of participation training

Top 5 Reasons For Using A Training Participation Certificate Template Word

Ok, I understand that you have agreed to the need for a certificate to be issued to the training participants. Now, its time to know the importance of using a training participation certificate.

  1. If you run a conference, the certificate will ensure that the individual has participated in the program.
  2. For any community associated training offered you can get publicity by giving out participation certificate.
  3. Rehabilitation programs that you execute must accompany a certificate to remind the participant about their success in achieving that by giving up on alcohol etc.
  4. Beyond everything training provided on technical, behavioral will help the individual to use the certificate as a proof of gaining knowledge on a specific topic.
  5. Also, the certificate helps to be used for presenting to any regulatory body.

Sample training participation certificate

Sample training participation certificate template

Different Types Of Training Participation Certificate Sample

When you decide to give out certificates for participation, then you must make sure what kind of certificate you give. For instance

  • You may want to use an editable certificate and make changes for every participant depending on few information you want to add to
  • Alternatively, you want to print certificates printed in the same form and just mention thanks for the participation and sometimes even the name need not be said and give one type to all.
  • You can also mention details including the event name, date, time, and purpose and give a specific certificate.

And for that reason, I have listed certificates in this section in word format, PDF, and others. For an editable version use the word doc and choose PDF to print and issue directly.


Training certificate of participation template

Best Tips To Make The Training Participation Certificates

You may run a training program or a workshop for any purpose, but upon deciding to give a certificate, it must be professional. You can find such custom-made certificate templates for your review. Use them directly and save time. Still, I would personally recommend to you to use the following tips and personalize your certificates. I must tell you the secret that you’re not the only person to visit my site. Therefore read my tips to get inspired and modify the template with a little bit of creativity and make the most use.

Tip 1 – You must remember to align the color of the certificate in-line with the agenda for the training program. For example when you give a certificate for offering training in swimming, yacht ride, etc., then a blue color will suit the theme to let know that it is related to water.

Tip 2 – Make sure you mention the reason for the training offered with recipient name and duration of the training. Ensure the performance of the individual is also highlighted as it may be useful for them to use the certificate for their growth.

Training certificate of participation templates

Training participation certificate


Tip 3 – Avoid giving a generalized certificate as it not only adds any value to the recipient but also confirms your unprofessional work. It does not take your business anywhere.

Tip 4 – Do not use the same certificate for different training. It must make some difference to the recipient. For example, let people not mistake the certificate for a different one. To make it clear, offer unique designed certificate so that even before reading the content people will know that it is for a purpose. Still confusing? No, need not feel confused. Just next to your logo practice printing some symbol to represent the use of the certificate.

Tip 5 – Do not start from scratch and waste your time and money. Start from here download and do the necessary corrections to brand it yours.

Training participation certificate format

Training Completion Certificate

So far you have been looking at training participation certificate. I would like to tell you the benefits of giving a completion certificate. The simple word COMPLETION makes a huge difference. Yes, participation just mentions that someone took part your training. On the other hand, completion means PRIDE. It will add a feather on the recipient’s cap, and hence you must think about migrating from participation certificate to completion certificate.


Training participation certificate format template

Training participation certificate templates

Know The 2 Places Where A Training Completion Certificate Provides Value

StudentsCompletion certificate is given to students will help them to use that in their admissions and interview. Yes, fresh college grads do need a back up to certify their performance. They might not have any experience to write in their profile. At that time these certificate mentioning the duration of the training and their completion will help them to apply for higher studies or job.

Training participation certificate template

Employees – Companies hire people not just based on their skills. But look at how many certificates they have and its relevance. So when you give a completion certificate, it indicates that the individual has taken part in the training and met the criteria to obtain a completion award. Yes, make sure to give completion to those who deserve it to mark the difference between the achievement and participation.

Apart from this, people even use the completion certificate to take part in the competition. To enroll, they may use the certificates as a warrant to authorize their knowledge in a particular skill. For instance, a person who wants to participate in a YOGA competition with tough competitors to get an admit card he/she may use the training completion certificate you provided.

Training participation certificates

Final advice

Remember that the single certificate you issue is the most valuable asset to the recipient. Hence pay attention to choose the right template available here and make the best use of the same.

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