Student of the Year Award Certificate Templates: 20+ Free to Download Certificates


Schools and colleges are all about increasing the student’s exposure to the practical and theoretical knowledge. The evidence and reliability of the level of their knowledge gained are understood by the certifications or certificates they present to the community or the management. Certificates are hence important to prove one’s skills learned and knowledge achieved. One such significant certificate obtained from schools and colleges is Student of the year certificate.

ace student of the year award

These certificates are provided to the students who present their exemplary self during the academic session. The title ‘Student of the Year’ or ‘Best Student of the Year’ is felicitated to students who deliver their best in academics, exams, co-curricular and extracurricular activities.

Free printable templates

Student of the year Award template

This type of template can be used for either of the titles of ‘Best student of the year’ and ‘Student of the year’. This certificate is mostly awarded to the students on yearly basis at colleges and schools. This certificate can have various types of border designs. This student of the year award template is entitled to the students who have put lot efforts to complete their assignments with achieving high attendance in class lectures and have performed better than their classmates. The certificate holds prime importance for students who does best in their career.

best student of the year award certificate

Certificate of Appreciation template

This template is used for felicitating the students with a certificate of appreciation or gratitude that the institution has towards them. This certificate is also sometimes referred to as efficiency certificate when it is used for employees in any business firm. Though this template can be edited with the name of the institution it belongs to.  These certificates are also awarded to the students who have done exemplary work either in any project or any class or group assignment.

business student of the year award


dental student of the year award

Student of the Month certificate

There are several monthly tests, projects, activities, and assignments that are conducted at various schools and colleges. These certificates are used for ensuring the full participation of students with zeal and enthusiasm for the exams and activities. Being awarded to the student of the month certificated is quite an honour and confidence booster event for the students. This template can also be easily edited with a name of the students and borders.

end of the year award for elementary students

Student of the week award

Majority of the schools conduct weekly projects, activities, and tests for testing students knowledge, IQ level and information on the course. These certificate templates are used for awarding the students who deliver an excellent level of knowledge and skill in these events on a weekly basis. These certificates are a means to engage a number of students and motivate them for performing in their academics.

end of the year student award template

engineering student of the year award

Certificate of Recognition

The Certificate of Recognition template is used by several schools, colleges and institutions to felicitate or recognize the sheer talented students or professionals of their organization. These templates can be easily edited with the name of the addressee (i.e. the person receiving the certificate), and the name of the institution.

funny end of the year award for students

global student entrepreneur of the year award

Achievement award certificate

These templates are very useful for awarding the personnel who achieve something excellent and different in the long span of their student life. These certificates templates are usually dedicated to the outstanding work executed and completed by the students. With certain outstanding achievements only, the students are enrolled for this achievement award certificate.

graduate student of the year award

high school student of the year award

Why is it Used

Appreciating students efforts and hard work can do wonders for them in their future. The use of these certificates is to increase the moral high ground of the students and to ensure them that putting efforts into increasing their knowledge and completing assignments would be fruitful for them on a long run. Since being able to achieve and get felicitated by the title of ‘Student of the year’ or ‘Best student of the year’ would help them to stand out amongst all other students in any industry or interview. Moreover, awarding these titles can also increase the level of motivation in students to deliver their best performance at each place.

medical student of the year award

national student employee of the year award

These certificates are also a medium to make students understand the importance of competition and achievements in their life. The ‘Student of the year’ or ‘Best student of the year’ award can act as a stimulus for the students to direct their efforts at an advantageous place and gain a futuristic approach for a better future. Furthermore, these certificates are helpful in changing the image of students in the community and institution too.

outstanding student of the year award

Things that you should cover

Since the ‘Student of the year certificate’ is all about student’s performance, it must clearly display his/her name in bolds with the title they have been awarded. Moreover, the date of issuing the title must also be clearly stated. Last but not least, the seal and signature of the institution authority must also be provided in order to validate the award or the title.

printable end of the year student award certificate

printable end of the year student award certificate

student employee of the year award

Terms used in these templates


The templates always have a clear title of the certificate, which explains the reason for being awarded. The title of the certificate highlights the achievement for which the certificate has been awarded to the person or student.

student athlete of the year award

Name of the Student

The name of the student receiving the felicitation must also be included and must be written in clear words.


Since the award is provided for an achievement on a year or monthly work. Therefore, a clear mention of the date, day, and the year is a must.

student nurse of the year award

Name of the Institution

The name of the student’s institution providing or issuing the certificate must also state explicitly on the certificate with their institution’s seal or signature of the authority for authenticating the certificate as an official document.


These certificates must be awarded to the students who excel in any one or more genres of activities or academics in the institution for boosting up their confidence and efforts for future events and tasks.

The name of the students must write in proper words and in clear handwriting.

Validation of the certificate in form of their signature or seal must be done by the higher authority of the institution i.e. principal in schools or Head of the department or Dean of the colleges.

The borders, style, and design of the certificate must be kept as standard as possible since they would represent a professional document in the portfolio or profile

student of the year award certificate template


student teacher of the year award certificate

student volunteer of the year award certificate

Final Words

The students of the year award certificate templates are very precious and dear to students since it carries a huge importance in framing up their social image, knowledge base and achievement graph for the future interviews.

young student of the year award certificate