Community service certificate of completion: 10 Ready-made certificates (To reward volunteers for completion of community service)


Are you thinking to give away community service certificates of completion to the volunteers who have worked selflessly for the community? Indeed, this is a wonderful idea to recognize their efforts in front of all.  Also, as everyone does not show a willingness to do community service, it is all the more important. However, the biggest hurdle in offering such certificates is lack of ready made templates for the same.


community service certificate of appreciation

I agree that creating such a template all by yourself will be a challenging task for you. It will also extremely time –consuming if you have to do the same from scratch. You need to have a proper understanding that what you can include in such certificates and what you need to omit, but why to worry as I am here to help you.

community service certificate of completion

Information to be included in a community service certificate

Every certificate needs some specific information to be included in the same to make it look as if created by a professional. At the end of the day, a certificate should convey something-gratitude, appreciation, recognition, and so on. So, here is some information that you need to put for sure in a community service certificate –

  • Name of the recipient of the certificate
  • No of hours he or she has done community service
  • Date on which the certificate will be awarded
  • Signature of the concerned authority

Community service certificate of completion template

As if this is not enough
I am also going to guide you on what type of wording you will have to use to include the above kind of information. So, let us have a look at the community service certificate wording

Community service certificate wording

community service certificate template free

Community service hours certificate template

As in each of the certificate, the community service certificate will too have a header and a sub-header in different font size to offer readability. Of course, there is no fixed rule that you have to strictly adhere to the use of these words. The below words are basically only an idea from where you can draw some inspiration to weave meaningful words to have a great community service certificate of completion.


  • Community Service Certificate
  • Community Service Grant Program preceded by County name
  • Certificate of Completion


  • Awarded to
  • Certified that
  • Presented to

If you have any confusion, you can take some idea from the community service format depicted in my readymade community service certificate of completion templates.

community service hours confirmation letter template

When you can use such certificates

It is a known fact that school and various organizations often organize community events to create awareness among children and fellow people about the importance of community service. Well, they feel appreciated after putting hours of effort in the same when they get community service certificate of completion. After all, it is a non-paying job and helps people to see others in a different light.

community service hours letter for College

Some of the educational jurisdictions in the US ask students to participate in community service for certain hours to become a graduate from high school. In some colleges too, students have to put some hours of community service to get a degree and on completion of the community service, a certificate of completion is awarded.

community service recognition award


proof of community service certificate

Sample community service letter for high school student

I agree that creating such certificates is not at all easy but with your basic computer skills and the guidance that I have provided above, the journey to the same can be a smooth one for you. The best thing is that all the templates that I am providing here for community service certificate of completion can be downloaded for free! Yes, you need to just have a look and choose the one that you have loved the most. Just click them and save them in your computer to use whenever you need after a little customization or taking a printout of the same. So, happy browsing and stay tuned for my next post!


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