8+ Garage Invoice Templates : Professional & Stunning Templates (Free Download)


Every purchase action would necessitate an invoice to be invoked. The garage Invoice can be utilized to make out the price at which a dealer buys a specific brand of the vehicle from the producer. You can download from this site several garage invoice templates which is available for free. If you are attempting to start your auto repair service and require a budget-friendly solution to bill your customers, you can utilize our free Garage invoice template.

Making your invoice in Excel lets you allow the spreadsheet do the totals as well as tax calculations for you. You can as well modify the empty repair invoice and then print some empty invoices to fill out by hand.

Unlike any other service invoice templates, the garage Invoice template lets you record vehicle info at the top. It has one segment for listing services executed and the second segment for listing parts utilized. This as well lets you list different tax rates for each segment.

Auto Repair Invoice Template

Different invoice designs

The spreadsheet template includes 3 special invoice designs on different worksheets. The first is the bold design the second one is a lighter version as well as a little more ink-friendly, however, has the same functionality like that of the Bold design. The third is a blank invoice form that you can print and then fill out by hand.

Download, create as well as send a professional-appearing and well-designed auto repair Invoice for freelancers in addition to small businesses. Download the garage Invoice template in whichever set-up you like better (.DOC, .XLS or .PDF) and then just print and mail it. Your customers will be impressed.

The other resource to find more and different invoice designs for your reference: https://www.canva.com/learn/invoice-design-with-samples/

Fake Auto Repair Invoice Template

What is a garage Invoice used for?

You will need to mail an auto repair Invoice once you finish work for a customer and you need to get paid. Your invoice usually lists all the jobs that you have completed, any replacements that you may have used, and, most significantly, the price you are going to charge your customer.

You can make a normal garage invoice for services, by using the sample templates on this site by simply filling your business elements, rendered garage services, with your taxes / VAT / GST if appropriate, and transfer the invoice as “PDF” or print or email it directly.

Fillable Auto Repair Invoice Template

Components to include in your garage invoice template

First and the foremost component is to include either your name or your business‘ name and your address as well as contact info. You should also include the name plus contact info of the customer or company you are mailing the garage Invoice to.

Next, add every detail of the work that you had performed on the vehicle; i.e. the components that you replaced, the service or labor you finished. Be sure to include the price for each work on the invoice. After you have listed your entire services, work or replaced items, total up all at the bottom. Reckoning on the place you live, you may as well want to enforce sales tax at this level. After you have enforced tax to the total cost, sum up all the items into a grand total – this is what your customer has to pay you.

To ensure you get paid fast, you must also include your payment instructions, details and anticipated timeline. Let your customer know how you wait to be paid and how fast. Let us now look in detail the basic components that a garage invoice template must include. They are as follows:

Garage Repair Invoice Template

Company details

On top of the invoice put your Company’s name or your name, billing address, fax number, phone number, as well as email address. You may as well include your company logo on top of this info in case you have one.

Invoice number plus date

Next, to the company particulars, you may prefer to incorporate a distinctive invoice number as well as the date of the bill. The numbering structure you apply for your invoices depends on you. You can begin either with 0001 or in case you want to show that you have been in this business for a long time then you can start with a bigger number like 36245.

To whom

The name and address of the customer for whom this garage invoice template is prepared should be below the company particulars and normally includes the name, address, phone number as well as email address of the client. You may as well want to generate a distinctive customer account or ID number. This is a principally helpful idea for businesses that regularly create enumerated invoices for customers who repeatedly come back to you.

Garage Repair Invoice Templates

Listed billing box

The most significant part of the garage invoice template is the diagram-like table or box in the middle. In this box, you can list your services in such a way that your customers do not find it difficult in understanding as to what they are being owed for. The listed invoice box may contain info like:

  • An explanation of the services provided
  • An analysis of charges
  • The number of hours functioned
  • The rate per hour or per service

These items are presented in the row-and-column arrangement. At the base of the table, the row-by-row charges are totaled and inserted as a subtotal. Any appropriate taxes are computed by multiplying the subtotal with the tax rate. The tax amount is inserted and summed with the subtotal to provide a grand total, which comes along on the final line of the table.

Garage Repair Invoices Template

Comments/special instructions

Utilize this segment to insert any vital info that does not appear in other areas of your listed invoice. For instance, you can include due date, clarification of extra charges, terms of payment, available mode or modes of payment, whose name should appear in the payable checks, etc. In case you have rendered specific services you can put them in the itemized billing box, and expand on what you have listed there.

To make sure your service invoice builds/ preserves faith and assurance of your clients, follow the below mentioned simple rules:

  1. Present the info as plainly as possible
  2. Double-check the correctness of your base values
  3. Make sure that the formulae in the garage invoice template are accurate and remember this is for Excel-formatted templates only.

When your free invoice is full, you can without difficulty add a mail merge item into your Word or Excel document, and mail it to your client. In case you are sending your garage invoice then the most excellent method to achieve this is by changing the document into a PDF format.

Garage Repairs Invoice Template

Downloadable garage invoice template for free

The garage invoice template is a uniform invoice template that includes two tables. The first table has info about the vehicle and the second one contains info about the product as well as the total amount to be paid.

Sample of a garage invoice template

The garage invoice template sample is an uncomplicated invoice template that includes the different info needed in a garage repair order for instance parts, the part number, cost and the total amount etc.

Garage invoice template in PDF

 The Garage invoice template in PDF is an all-inclusive invoice template that has the fundamental info of the client, the vehicle ID, the vehicle miles as well as the particulars of the work carried out.

Garage invoice template in MS Word

This template has all of the items and spaces which you anticipate in an invoice template like this one. You can change and modify the sample as you wish. A few of the components which the template includes are the name of the garage, the street addresses the mailing address etc.

Vehicle Repair Invoice Template

Final words

The different sample garage invoice templates on this site can be downloaded for free and used; you can straight away use it or you can edit its draft and add more particulars of the label to make it look unique. You can make alterations in the fonts as well as add particulars of your garage repair shop in the gap provided in the sample templates.

Here is the another resource to get more information on Invoices: https://quickbooks.intuit.com/r/bookkeeping/invoices-everything-you-need-to-know-2/


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