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Creating an invoice is never an easy job and is always a pain as it needs a through billing, calculation and accounting. Invoicing your client is another issue. Many of the clients do not clear up the invoice on time citing different reasons. Invoicing to your client is an important part of your business as important is running your business.

CellPhone Repair and Service Invoice

If you are into cell phone repair business or a cell phone repair technician, then it becomes quite a hectic job to create a cell phone repair invoice. For this you have to mention all the details of what parts you have added and what parts have you removed. You also have to mention details like serial number of the product, tag number, batch number and so many other details. These details sometimes create lots of trouble for oneself to workout with the invoicing.

CellPhone Repair and Service Invoices

Let us discuss what is required to create an invoice. Here it is.

Mobile Repair Invoice Template

The basic part of invoicing is to mention all the details of what has been done during the repair time. The important aspect is the cost of repairmen. An invoice basically is of two types.

  • Sales Invoice and
  • Contract Invoice

CellPhone Repair Invoice A4 Template

Sales Invoice: The sales invoice consists of date of the invoice created. The second part is the details of repair done which includes parts that are added and removed. Apart from this, labor is added and what problem was there on which charges are decided. Then the cost is mentioned based on parts fixed, repair, and repair cost of labor. In the end there are terms and conditions mentioned.

CellPhone Repair Invoice A4 Templates

The next and most important point is the name of the client on whom the invoice is generated followed by his/her address and phone number. One should also mention the details of your own business followed by address, GSTIN and number. The last can be the signatory column where the client and invoice generator have their sign.

CellPhone Repair Invoice Companies

Contract Invoice: The contract invoice is different from the sales invoice. A contract invoice comes with terms and conditions where terms are fixed and responsibilities are decided. Contract invoices should contain the following points.

  • Details of the invoice
  • Limitations of liability on part of repair technician
  • Clauses of liability and thereafter
  • Terms of pay
  • Terms and conditions regarding repair, damages and others
  • Guarantee on the part of parts used in repair
  • Tax issues and interest charge
  • Signature


CellPhone Repair Invoice Company

Cell Phone Repair Work

Cell phone repair work/Business consists of doing a check of what is wrong with the phone, then the phone is market with what is damaged or what is wrong in the phone, particulars are decided of what can be done to heal the phone. The other part is taking action in repairing the phone. For this parts are fixed in the phone, damaged part is removed, other repair jobs are done including software repair. Phone is checked if it is working properly and all the details are noted down.

CellPhone Repair Invoice Company Name

CellPhone Repair Invoice Company Names

Mobile Phone Repair Form

This form is filled by the client where he states all the details of the phone. He states the present condition of the phone, what is the problem with the phone, what part is damaged, any other defect in phone. The client in the end does the signature to guarantee what is written.

CellPhone Repair Invoice Data

CellPhone Repair Invoice Datas

Cell Phone Waiver Form

A waiver form is where the client gives his written assent that the technician or the repairing firm can perform repair task. It is basically a declaration form where the client takes the responsibility for the terms stated. One should definitely read it before signing the form.

CellPhone Repair Invoice Product

Cell Phone Repair Checklist

A cell phone repair checklist is a form that the client fills where he mentions all the details of the phone including the IMEI number, phone number, model of the set, years of usage, visible damage, other kinds of damages and defects, battery condition and data in the phone. This is done in case if the client complains that during repair something went wrong on his phone. To ensure oneself, the repairing business should ask the client to fill such forms. This ensures that unnecessary mess doesn’t starts. The form will define the responsibility if the client complains so.

CellPhone Repair Invoice Products

CellPhone Repair Invoice Service

Other things to look into repair services

One should design the client invoice in the best possible way. It should be clear and an easy read for the client. You must mention all the details of the repair service in clear terms. It would be better that you explain the client about the problems in the phone especially when you are about to repair something that costs a lot. Maybe the client don’t want that change.


CellPhone Repair Invoice Service Template

CellPhone Repair Invoice Service Templates

Terms and Conditions

The terms and conditions part is also very important part where you must mention all the terms and conditions carefully. In some cases it occurs that some parts of the phone may not show damage but at time of repair they sound damage. Some parts are also linked to each other where one damaged part impacts the other for which one has to change both of them, for this you need to explain your client that how you won’t be responsible is something like this occurs.

CellPhone Repair Invoice Services

CellPhone Repair Invoice Template

CellPhone Repair Request

A terms and condition form helps you to abstain yourself from any kind of controversy.

Do not forget to use best methods for creating your invoice. Use best software that can create your client’s invoice in the best way possible. Make sure to make it as explicit as possible. Also do mention everything on paper to avoid later chaos. Some clients have a habit of asking for concession which you must explain them in starting.

CellPhone Repair Requests

Another important point is the legal aspect, have your client’s signature on the invoice so if he backs of you can send a legal notice to him. A proper identity card should be considered from the client while preparing the invoice so that in case of any issue you can use it to take proper legal action.