20 Netball Certificates: Very Professional Certificates to Recognize Netball Players

Are you an organizer of a netball tournament or planning to organize one within your locality or at a higher level? Are you thinking to give away netball certificates to each team player or those who have exhibited an accomplished performance? If yes, this is simply wonderful to recognize the efforts of players participating in a tournament. However, I know that your biggest hurdle in accomplishing such a noble task will be how to get professionally designing netball certificates.

Netball is a sport similar to that of the Basketball. Although netball hasn’t achieved widespread recognition yet the rules specified in the netball is same as that of Basketball. In fact, netball is considered as the derivative of the basketball. Evolved from the early version of basketball, it has become popular over the years. Today, multiple countries have their own national team. In several schools and universities, the sport is quite a rage among women.

The netball certificates are the documents issued to the members taking part in the netball sport. Normally they vary from the level of participation in the game. And each and every member receives a different type of netball certificate based on the performance in the game. Netball certificates are issued to motivate the players. And players are awarded these certificates as tokens of accomplishment in the game. They are many categories of certificates issued to the players based on the type of skill and type of player performance in the game.

Funny End Of Season Netball Award

I completely agree that it is not easy to create such certificates from scratch. Even if you think to do the same yourself, it can prove extremely time consuming, but there is nothing to worry. I am here to assist you at each and every step. First, you need to develop ideas so that you can have clarity that for what categories you could award the players with various certificates. So, let’s have a look.

Ideas for netball certificates

Some of the ideas for netball certificates are as follows:

  • Most Improved netball player
  • Best team player
  • Best player for attendance
  • Best shooter
  • Most determined or consistent player
  • Most valuable player
  • Certificate of participation
  • Certificate of excellence
  • The top scorer

Apart from the above ideas, there could be much more like for the coach. You can also think of some funny netball certificates for the players to evoke some good laughter. These can be the following ones:

  • Worst shooter
  • Player with worst attendance
  • Best crash Tackle
  • Little Miss Shooter

Funny Netball Certificate

Little Miss netball awards

The little miss netball awards are the awards given to the junior players participated in the netball game. To encourage the upcoming junior players in the netball the awards are given to the players. The major difference between the actual netball awards and little netball awards is that in little netball awards all the participants in the game receives an award of participation even if they lose the game whereas in the actual netball game the winner’s team get to receive a single trophy and remaining others get a participation certificate.

In the little netball, the awards are given to each and every individual taking part in the game irrespective whether they win the game or not because the officials presenting the awards don’t want the juniors players to get disappointed in case if they lose the game. So as a token of participation they award each and every player.

Little Miss Netball Award

Netball award titles

Netball award titles are the titles given to the player who presents unique skill in the game. The titles are presented to pinpoint the performance of the player in the game individually. Generally, each player taking part in the game is given a unique title to describe the performance in the game.

For example, the titles can be something like

  • Best Player of the Game
  • Best Goal Keeper
  • Best Shooter
  • Best Defense Player
  • Best Offence Player
  • Best attendance
  • Coaches Award
  • Best and Fairest
  • Most Consistent
  • Most Determined

The Best player of the game is given to the winning team’s best player. And the best goalkeeper award is given to the goalkeeper who showcased the best goalkeeping skill in the game. Similar case with the best defense and best offensive player. The netball titles are given to the players who showcased the best performance in the game.

Netball Award Certificate Template

Please refer this site to get more knowledge on Rules of the Netball game and on umpiring decisions: http://www.simplenetball.co.uk/netball-rules/

Netball Best Coach Award Certificate

The Best attendance is given to the player who participated in the training of the game all along. And the coach’s award is given to the coach of the winning team for guiding the team to victory. The best and the fairest award is given the team who played the game without any fouls and won the game fair and square. The most determined player title is given to the player who showed great determination in the game. These are few of the titles given to the players participating in the netball game.

Netball Certificate Blank

Funny netball certificates

The funny netball certificates are presented as a practical joke to the players who performed low or whose performance was considered as funny. The funny netball certificates are a type of sarcastic document presented to the player just for the fun .Few of them are as follows

  • Most Obstructions
  • Least Obstructions
  • Most Injuries
  • Worst Shooter
  • Best crash Tackle
  • Worst Attendance

Netball Certificate Of Appreciation Template

Netball Coaching Certificate

These are some of the funny certificates presented to the players like the best crash tackle for the player who clashed with the opponent team very hard. The Worst shooter is the player who was very poor at shooting. And the player with most injuries is presented the most injured player award.

The certificates are awarded to the players based on the funny incidents encountered during the game. These certificates are just for kidding the players for their poor performance in the game.

Netball Most Consistant Player Award Certificate

Netball Most Improved Player Award Certificate

Netball Most Valuable Player Award Certificate

Funny end of season netball awards

The funny end of the season awards are the awards given to the players on the factors of the game highlights. Some include based on funny incidents taken place in the game. For example, some of the funny ends of the season netball awards are as follows

  1. Most Improved
  2. Best crash Tackle/ body slam
  3. Most inventive interpretation of the rules
  4. Coaches award
  5. Best and Fairest
  6. Best contact
  7. Falcon Award
  8. Backchat award
  9. Benchwarmer award
  10. Team Player award
  11. Best Shooter.
  12. Most obstructions

The most obstruction award is given to the player who obstructed the game numerous times. The falcon award is for the best performance in the game. And the most improved award to the player who performed exceptionally good in the game. And also certain players have given good coordination award also. These are some of the awards presented at the end of the season.

Netball nsw Certificate Of Currency

Netball Participation Certificate

Netball award categories ideas

There are many categories in which netball awards are presented for example


One player nominated from each of the teams by the coach.


One player nominated from each of the teams by the coach.


One player nominated from each of the teams by the coach. And in the end overall winner and runner-up decided jointly by coaches.

Netball Player Certificate


One player from each team decided by the coach receives a medal. But the Overall winner decided jointly by coaches.


A new award in 2009, this is a big trophy to reflect a big personality. This is awarded to a Club member who represents the social spirit of the club, who is friendly and fun to be around.

Nominated by club members and decided by the Committee.


This award is presented for a slip-up, uniform failure or any other incident happened to team mates being very embarrassed about! These are nominated by club members and decided by the Committee.

Netball Player of The Day Certificate Template

The netball award categories ideas could be as per your imagination or preference. There is no restriction on the number or type of ideas that you could generate for award categories.

As if this is not enough

Now that you have plenty of ideas, you should know the kind of information that you could include within a netball certificate. So, here we go!

Things to include in netball award certificate

The most simplistic way to create a netball certificate is to include some very basic things like the following ones:

  • A header like a ‘Netball certificate’ or ‘most valuable player’
  • A sub-header like awarded to or presented to
  • Name of the player like Jones Adam
  • Date like 20th Feb 2018
  • Signature of the concerned authority

Apart from the above, some other obvious things that you could include are –

  • A nice border
  • A relevant image in the background or in –between the text

Netball Player of the Match Certificate

Netball Player of The Season Certificate

The netball game is not much popular among the people so to encourage the sport such type of awards and certificates are issued to the players participating in the game. Even the players who helped in making the team are encouraged and awarded a certificate. The training period certificate also issued to players who attended the training boot camp. And the funny awards are presented to the players just to make them comfortable that making mistakes are fine and it’s not a big issue to regret about it.There are many sports communities supporting the netball game.

Netball Tournament Certificate

Netball Umpiring Certificate

I strongly agree that creating such certificates from scratch is not easy. Even with your computer skills in Microsoft word and netball certificate ideas, things could go haywire. However, there is nothing to worry as I am presenting here a couple of beautiful netball certificates that you can download in a hassle-free manner. We also offer funny end of season netball awards certificates. The real catch is that these certificates are free to download.  Also, you can customize the certificates easily with simple Microsoft Word skills. The key to create netball certificates is to remain creative regarding netball award titles.

Netball Winner Team Certificate