Superlative Certificate Template: 10 Certificate designs to Use for any Reason

Award those who have made it — pick from our assortment of certificate designs and modify them for any accomplishment. Our Superlative certificate templates can be utilized for any reason. You can use the printable superlatives list to give an award to each student. Even as you have students with the finest hair and finest smile commemorated in your yearbook superlative part, there is a small trap you can apply to save yourself the trouble of a large, school-wide vote and, simultaneously, bring those honor more in order with your community’s center values by using our Superlative certificate templates.

There are bits of additional recognition here and there for instance ‘student of the week or month’ but whatever it may be these superlative certificates are handy for your annual report, too. How is it possible?

Well, plain. Keep track of all the ones that your school gives way all through the year and … here you go, your yearbooks’ superlative part is done.

Everything is very easy and only difficult part is, in fact, designing your superlative certificate templates. But, you need not worry; we have done that part for you by providing free templates on this site.

Class Superlative Certificate Template

Benefits of using superlative certificate templates

Using a superlative certificate plan all through the year can provide you a convenient yearbook superlative segment when it is time to finish off your yearbook.

In fact, using a template will give you two things that are completely great:

  • It saves your loads of effort

If your school maintains records of ‘student of the month’ or ‘student of the week’ plan in place, then you do not have to do much work to maintain a log of the winners. The reason for their victory is probably mentioned right on their certificate. Apart from this whoever wins the award is sure to capture the moment in their camera with the certificate as well. Hence you have awesome superlatives done with practically zero work and ready to complete your superlative certificate template.

Class Superlative Certificate Templates

  • It supports your school’s values

Maybe your school does not give any award with regard to the ‘student of the month’ award for having the best hair or maybe the best smile. It is almost certainly and more likely that they are receiving the award for being a concerned peer, showing exceptional academic advancement, or at all times working hard. And those awards possibly support more with your school’s principles than who has the most voguish hairstyle. Why not maintain that in the yearbook?

Free Superlative Certificate Template

Easy to make yearbook with these superlative certificates

Using superlative certificate templates can cause your yearbook a little bit simpler to organize and it has the added bonus to bring your superlatives segment more in line with your school’s significances.

It is remarkable how a plain piece of paper can make somebody feel precious and valued, so give someone the recognition they deserve by presenting them with a Certificate. Your certificate design can be made as humorous and lovable as you desire or as professional and ceremonial as you could do with. There are more than a hundred professionally-designed superlative certificate templates you can utilize and alter for your next award ceremony.

Free Superlative Certificate Templates

Change layouts with our templates

Convert any design into precisely what you require by utilizing our templates. Alter the backdrop into a firm color or choose an image or surface. There are quite a lot of elements which is free and you can choose the one you need. Or, you can transfer your own pics and graphics and save it for future use. Add shapes plus lines to your design and apply the color palette to plan out the ideal color scheme. As your design is online you can get at it for blue-penciling any time. You can cooperate with a team by portioning out an editable link. Once you are done, you can transfer the certificate as a JPEG file, standard PDF, high-res PNG file, or print-ready PDF.

Senior Superlative Certificate Template

Class superlative certificate templates

Completing the year with a superlative award event is a cheerful way for teachers to assure the students that they loved working with them all the way through the year. In addition, the pressure of the end of the year accomplishment examinations can take the stuffing out of a person, students as well as teachers. So teachers, finish your year in a correct way and widen positivity with creative certificates.

Select award types

It is my view that if you give away fun awards then you have to give one to every student in the class. Most of the students are hoarders and maintain this type of stuff in unique places in their bedrooms.

Hence it is better that you do not leave out anyone out of the award procedure. As a teacher, you have to be considerate of your award giving. Each student demands to feel extraordinary.

Senior Superlative Certificate Templates

Sample of class superlative Certificate Categories

  • Silliest Story Teller
  • Most Outrageous Outfits
  • Silliest Joke Teller
  • Best Giver of Compliments
  • Best Sharer
  • Most Creative Drawer
  • Best Conflict Manager
  • Neatest Coloring in the Lines Artist
  • Most Organized Cubby or Locker Keeper
  • Neatest Desk or Binder Keeper
  • Strongest Multiplier
  • Strongest Speller
  • Best Dancer
  • Kindest Helper
  • Kindest Listener
  • Best Collector of Items
  • Strongest Aloud Reader
  • Best Getting Teacher off Topic Talker
  • Nicest Handwriting
  • Best Cleaner Upper
  • Most Creative Thinker
  • Best Note Taker
  • Strongest Group Leader
  • Most Interesting Collection of Items in Locker
  • Most Creative Decorator
  • Strongest Follower of Directions

Superlative Award Certificate Template

Designing the certificates

As soon as you finish picking the awards for the students, you will have to design and make them. This is, in fact, a time-consuming process, but for you uses templates. They can be much modified.

On the other hand, you can as well go online and utilize our free superlative certificate templates for MS Word. With a PC you will not have any troubles transferring the sample certificate templates on this site.  A few certificates on this site are capable of being manipulated in several ways. Though, some merely let you to key in a few different phrases, for instance, the school name, your name, as well as the student’s name. It will hardly take some time for you to select the accurate certificates and individualize them for your classroom. These class superlative certificate templates can make students walk off from the year on an encouraging note. Even though customizing and picking of templates take some time nevertheless the smiles they bring on the students face is worth it.

In case you do not have the time to create your own certificates from scratch then you can easily download our free superlative certificate templates, and award one to each of your victors this year.

Superlative Award Certificate Templates

Senior superlative certificate templates

Once the school year comes to a close, seniors in all places wait with bated breath for a response to the most imperative, life-altering, the innovative question of their educational careers:

Who among in their whole class will become this year’s senior superlative?

Give away senior superlative awards for:

  • Prettiest Eyes
  • Best Left Buttcheek
  • Twitchiest Eyebrow
  • Prettiest Thighs
  • Most Bacon-y Smelling Armpits
  • Biggest Toe
  • Most Uneven Nostrils
  • Wartiest Face
  • Best Epidermis
  • Holiest Pants
  • Smoothest Tongue

If you do not have the time to design your own from start then you can easily download our free superlative certificate templates and fine-tune as you see fit.

Superlative Certificate Template Word

Final words

Teachers and students always find the end of the school year as a very thrilling time of the year. Then why not commemorate with an Academy Awards manner observance distinguishing students’ accomplishments or extraordinary attributes. The occasion can be created to be fun and unforgettable by using our different templates. You just need to create an Academy Award ambiance by placing red fabric on the ground and making it appear as if it is a red carpet in addition to embellishing the classroom accordingly. Let students make up for the event. Make the superlative certificate award ceremony fun and encouraging. With our superlative certificate template, it is sure to be an excellent event. Each child gets an exceptional award certificate as we have provided 20 different alternatives of superlative certificate template on this site and they are all free!

Superlative Certificate Template Words