The template talks about Baseball. Baseball is a game most similar to cricket played by two teams (of nine each). It is a bat and ball game where one team bats while the other fields.

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The template talks about baseball bat which is the means with which the batter attempts to hit the ball pitched to him to an unfielded area and go for his run. Free-Powerpoint-Template 640 Continue reading

The Template represents here the Pitcher, a player amongst the nine of a team of baseball players, in action. He is about to pitch or throw the ball at the batter.

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The template shows a game of baseball in action. There is a batter in action and has just missed the pitch and the catcher, in full regalia is crouched in his normal pose on the verge of collecting the ball.

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The template is about baseball in USA. The earliest mention of the game in US was ironical.

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The template talks about a baseball field. The place where baseball game is played is called the baseball field or the baseball diamond.Free-Powerpoint-Template 644 Continue reading

The template here shows a player of indeterminate color in the foreground holding a bat with a golden yellow circle rimmed with brown on the backdrop.Free-Powerpoint-Template 645 Continue reading

This template talks about the ball that is used in the game of Baseball. The ball used in baseball is called a baseball as the game as well. Free-Powerpoint-Template 646 Continue reading

This template portrays about the African Americans in Baseball. The advent of baseball in the US was not without discrimination. Free-Powerpoint-Template 647 Continue reading

The template talks about children and baseball and is rightly or wrongly called the national pastime in the US.

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