Looking for a natural list of things that are black? Read on.

We have collected some of the world’s best things that are in black color.  Continue reading

Are you searching for things that are green in the world? You would be surprised to see this collection of green things. Continue reading

Want to know natural things that are yellow? Read on.

Yellow is a unique color that comes in between green and orange. It is a secondary color that is made by mixing red and green at equal density. The color yellow is associated with prosperity and happiness. There are lot of things around us that are in yellow color. Many of them are natural and many man-made. Yellow color is reflected in the flags of many countries like Germany, Ukraine, Belgium, Lithuania, Romania, Sweden, Mozambique, Vatican, Chad and many more. In religion, yellow or saffron is a color associated with Hinduism, Sikhism, Buddhism and Jainism. One can also see the color yellow in traffic lights as a signal to go slow. Continue reading

Things that are pink in color : The color pink stands for joy and youthfulness in many cultures across the world.  It also toned down the passion of the color red.  The color made with a mix of red and white is extremely feminine as perceived by the public. However, now many men are always embracing the pink color in their formal and daily wear. In Japanese culture, the pink color is strongly associated with masculinity, which is sharp contrast to the western culture. There are many shades of pink in which, cosmetic companies launch their beauty products quite frequently.  Continue reading

This article provides collection of things that are orange in color. The color orange stands for enthusiasm, creativity, and encouragement. Whenever we think about the orange color, the first thing or rather things that pop into our mind are traffic cones, life vests and of course, oranges. However, the bright color is very much around in nature i.e. in naturally made living and non-living things.  Continue reading

Things That Are Purple In Nature – There is rarity of things that are naturally purple in color. Have you ever spotted a purple fruit or purple animal? In this connected world, most people are surely unaware about natural things that are purple in color. In fact, the color has a supernatural aura since time immemorial. Purple is also the most striking color in a rainbow. The fascinating history behind the significance of the color makes it more interesting. While for the Mediterranean people, the color is specifically for nobles and emperors, the color signify death in several cultures across the world. So, let us explore the things that are purple naturally. Continue reading

The world has many things that are red naturally and many manufactured things that are red in color. The red color is always associated with passion, anger, and danger. It is a warm color, which has a strong association with love and romance too. It is the traditional color of wedding garments for an Indian and Nepalese bride. Chinese believe that the color brings good luck. Japanese people also have a belief that a red kimono brings good luck.  Continue reading

Many things that are blue in the world we live in. While we know many of the names, we are still unaware of much more that are blue and look captivating. This is because, very few flowers, animals or plants are completely blue and most of the blue things that we know as blue are actually manufactured things like blue jackets, blue bottles or blue paint. So, let us explore what are the blue things. Continue reading