8 Awesome Free Printable Masters Degree Certificate Templates

A master’s degree certificate is usually a proof that a person has cleared a specific examination and has a certain level of expertise in a particular subject. Students spend nearly countless days in obtaining this piece of the certificate with the help of which they, later on, found a good-paying job and yes, an abundance of respect for their knowledge.

Free fake masters degree certificate template

Usually, universities and colleges award such certificates to students who have proved their mettle by virtue of their expert knowledge. So, if you are willing to start a registered college, you may need such certificates. Also, if you already have a master degree certificate, but you think that the same is not perfectly summing up your expertise, the idea of having your own master degree certificate without your name in bold to flaunt on your wall is not bad.

Free fake masters degree certificate templates

However, this is clear that such a certificate is not for any legal use and can be used only for two purposes-

  • First, if you are going to start a registered college offering master degree courses
  • Second, if want to have a personal certificate just for sheer fun or to flaunt on your living room wall

Master degree diploma certificate template

Now, in the first case, I can fairly assume that you have the resources to have a professional looking master degree certificate, but for the second case, it might be not possible. You have to create first a master degree certificate template from scratch and then you can use it by customizing a little for any certificate you can imagine.

Master degree diploma certificate templates

Sounds great!

Well, I know that it I easy to say but difficult to implement. You might have a longing for a master degree in psychology or religious studies, but you could not achieve the same because of some obstacles that life has thrown in your path. These can be financial problems, ill-health, and more. Also, hiring a professional may become extremely expensive for you. Some people can say that you are flaunting a fake certificate, but there is no need to worry as, at the end of the day, you are not fooling legal authorities or any other person to get a job on the base of that certificate.

Masters degree certificate

So, how to create a masters degree certificate template?

See, there may be not any specific steps to create a fake degree certificate or a master degree certificate template. I assume that you have some basic computer skills and familiarity with MS Word. So, in such a case, you have to do some simple tasks like –

Opening a new document and saving it with a file name to the desktop

Inserting one or more relevant image and an attractive border within the word document

Use of any light colour or image in the background

Typing appropriate text that clearly conveys to whom the certificate is awarded and the name of the degree as well as the university

Leaving adequate space for university seal and date at the bottom

Masters degree certificate template

Yes, you need to be careful about the words but it is best to keep it simple. After all, it is an academic certificate so the use of flowery words should be a complete NO.

Once your template is ready, you can save it and later on use it for having a fake degree certificate for any academic course as per your whims and fancies by using this as a template. Just make sure to print the same on a certificate paper available in the market at a cost-effective price. Much such paper also comes with an elaborate border in gold or silver which makes a master degree certificate all the more appealing.

Masters degree certificate templates

Masters degree certificates

Get guidance on how to select relevant images for a master degree certificate template. The images should be related to academics only. If possible let go of any image as it is better to keep a master degree certificate simple and elegant than with images that make it look unprofessional.

The key is to stay creative and if in any case, you think to create such a template from scratch, use our ready made templates that you can download for free. So, browse our templates, download them and yes, share your feedback with us. It really matters a lot.