8 Free Customizable Certificate of Destruction Templates

What is a certificate of destruction?

A certificate of destruction can be understood as a certificate which is provided to the owner of the item destroyed due to some of the other accidental reasons. Though the owner of any property can only apply for this certificate when their respective insurance agencies declare that their property is of no use. Issuing a destruction certificate for any property concludes that the property cannot be repaired, traded, purchased, but should be destroyed at once. 

The certificate of destruction ensures that the personal data related to the property (it can be media files, deals with other firms, credit card information, medical histories and much more) are destroyed permanently. It is done in order to ensure that no other person can sell or purchase it to earn a profit.

certificate of data destruction template

This Salvage titled certificate can be most of the time used to get rid of the disputes related to the property. The properties which are no longer of any use for its owners are eligible for receiving this certificate. The only constraint is that the property getting this certificate must be insured from an insurance agency. The insurance agencies are initially responsible for concluding one most important factor, that the property is not fit for any further utilization of any kind. This declaration by the insurance companies makes the property eligible for the certification of destruction and hence the owner can further apply for it.

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Letter of destruction template

For framing an official and valid letter of destruction it must be framed or written on companies letterhead. Although, if not applicable then the normal certificate can also be issued with proper signature and seals of the relevant authorities validating the certificate of destruction of the property.

The letter of destruction must describe the information on the date of destruction, description of the records or the record series disposal done of the properties. Most of the time, the properties or belongings are too much therefore it may take several days for destroying them. So, the inclusive dates of destruction must also be written in the letter of destruction for proper details on the destructed item.

certificate of destruction hard drive template

Methods of destruction done are one more important section of the letter of destruction which emphasizes on the mode taken up for destroying the property issued with the certificate. Some of the most common properties that are normally valid for receiving the letter of destructions are scrap materials of industries, accidental or old automobile vehicles, old written documents data, bills etc.

The letter may also include the name of the organization or the person who will be destroying the property. It is mostly required in order to have the consent of destruction by the destroyer in case any future dispute over the property occurs. Hence, the ‘records destroyed by’ section is a must on these certificates. Most of the time, a witness is also kept while destructing the property in order to avoid any kind of bribed activity. Henceforth, the signature of the witness is also taken on the certificate of destruction. Lastly, the certificate is legalized by proper processes of legal counsel.


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Sample certificate of destruction form

The certificate of destruction can be understood easily with an example. Suppose a car owner has been facing a lot of problem with their ten-year-old car i.e. they have been rendering only loss from the car due to its high maintenance charges. In this case, they can request their insurance agency or company to issue the certificate of destruction for their vehicle. When the insurance company issues the certificate for the car, it would be then attached to its registration number. This is done in order to protect future selling or purchase of this ‘totalloss’ vehicle. This certificate would help the car owner to sell the scrap parts and usable parts of the vehicle. When the vehicle is issued with a certificate of destruction then it means that the vehicle is unsafe to be used on public roads.

Most of the firms which take up the responsibility of destroying the properties also auction several parts of the vehicle or machine. The machine can be a washing machine, dryer, musical instruments, anything which can be insured. Most of the certificates of destruction are also used for even shredding the age-old documents, bills, or deal papers by multinational or local business firms. Though, the most significant section on these certificates would be that of the ‘method of destruction’ and the declaration part. The declaration part of the certificates emphasizes on the heads consent on the destruction of the property.

certificate of destruction template

Sample certificate of destruction of confidential information

There are several certificates of destructions which are currently used by individuals in their particular industries. There are several enterprises and organizations which do not prefer to disclose their confidential accounts or financial deals done. The confidential deals done on paper would have been a secret from tears and they would like it that way. So, when the secret deal gets over, they would ultimately destroy the legal paper that was the evidence of the collaboration ordeal of the companies.  This can again be done by shredding the legal paper and getting a certificate of destruction.

Several internal details of companies’ policies, regulations, and a declaration signed are mostly categorized under the confidential information of a company. Most of the companies may require getting rid of the unwanted liabilities they have been storing for years which is now outdated. The information may be related to consumer’s credit cards, their medical histories or any other confidential information. This would then act as a liability for the company or the person who holds it. Therefore, it can be destroyed by the company in a proper legal manner by getting a certificate of destruction in return. This certificate would act as a legal paper in order to tell other authorities that the confidential information was destroyed in a legal manner.

certificate of document destruction template

Certificate of data destruction templates

In most of the businesses, it is not necessarily important to keep every bit of information as a backup, since it may prove to be risky and fatal for the company and the consumer itself. The outdated, unnecessary and old information or data can be disposed of easily. Therefore, several firms reach out to professional data destruction companies in order to get rid of those files and hard drives. These professional companies hold their expertise in product destruction, paper destruction, or document destruction in a legal manner. Then these companies further provide a certificate of destruction to the organization as well.

It’s necessary to avail the certificate since it would act as physical evidence and also as a guarantee that the files, data and media files provided to the destruction company was properly executed and thoroughly destroyed. Without this paper, there would not be any guarantee of the fact, that the confidential data was disposed of or not.


certificate of product destruction template

Certificate of destruction for scrap metal

Several manufacturing industries also utilize this service of destructing on their layover scrap or machine parts. Since the materials are of no use, it can be disposed of or dismantled from the original machine and then can be utilized wherever necessary. Most of the high-end manufacturing companies do not desire to leak the prototype of their testing machines in the market. Therefore, they opt for these professional destruction services to destroy their prototype or product legally and then provide them with the certificate of destruction in return.

Moreover, there are certain cases of industries keeping a high amount of scrap materials, it can also be destructed through the same means. In order to get rid of scrap materials, various manufacturing industries are choosing this option of legal destruction certificate.


dvla certificate of destruction template


Can a certificate of destruction be reversed?

It can obviously not be reversed once the part of the machine or the paper is destroyed or shredded. But in some cases, when the machines are declared as total loss machines, they can be fixed with some technical help in order to make it useful for some purpose or person. For example, if a car is declared a total loss and has been issued with a certificate of destruction and if some person purchases that car from any person. Then if they get it serviced with proper mechanics at service centres then they may get the car in working condition. In this case, the current owner would have re-apply for the cancellation of the destruction certificate.

There are several other ways through which the machine parts can be sold, after dismantling the parts if the machines. For an instance, if any car has been certified for destruction then this implies that the car cannot be used on local roads since it’s not safe for driving on road. But it can be sold at an auction to earn money for the owner of the car. In this way, the useful content or part of the machine would be in use and the car also would not run on local roads too.