Silent Auction certificates: 18+ (Official and Beautiful Templates)

Glad to welcome you to my page and I know why you are here now. Did I guess it right? You want to award the silent auction winners with a certificate. Yes, I got you correctly. Ok, another small twist in it and that is you need a silent auction template itself. No issues you can find that as well. This page is all about SILENT AUCTION. I will loudly speak to help you understand the silent auction, certificate wordings, auction templates, and gift certificates. Above all, you can download any of these templates unlimited for free. Enjoy!


donation in honor of certificate template

Silent Auction Certificate Template

Who deserves a silent auction certificate? The answer is the winner. But, how to know who won the auction? Here you go with the details.  There are three ways by which Silent auction works and the winner will get not only the certificate but more. Most of the time silent auction is done for charity events and auctioneer is not required. And that is the reason for the benefit of the charity organizations I have provided the Silent Auction Certificate Template for free.


Donation in honor of certificate templates


silent auction award certificate

Auction Winner Selection

The bidder will write the bid on a paper and put them in a sealed container. Once the auction is over, then the in-charge will open and read the proposals. The person who has quoted the highest bid value will be handed over with the item.

Another way in which the auction winner is selected is, the bidder must write the value on the display board called the bidding sheet. They can take a look at the others quote and mention their amount. Once again the highest bidder will win the item.

The third way is carrying out the auction through online and bidder can look at items online and quote an amount. Based on the bid value the highest bidder will win the thing.

silent auction award certificates

silent auction certificate template

Silent Auction Gift Certificate Template

Who is the beneficiary of the silent auction and what do they get? If this is your question, then the reply to this point is the winner will get the silent auction gift certificate template. The company or the organization that opened the auction will give out the certificate.

Apart from that the winner also gets the item he/she bided for.

The charity organization will get money as it sold the item to the bidder.

Finally, the fundraising facilitator will feel great about helping a cause and also will get new clients.


silent auction certificate templates

The certificate template can be useful to the fundraising facilitator, or the company directly to give it to the winners.


Silent auction donation certificate

silent auction donation certificate template

Free Printable Silent Auction Templates

Ok, you now know that this page helps you with certificate template to given out winners. But, I understand that you want silent auction template to circulate to the bidders. No worries, you can download the same from here and print any number of copies you require.

So this template will include the different kinds of bid sheets that can help your clients to bid for the item. Do you know? A properly designed bid sheet will let bidders fill details quickly, and you can sell all your items without any challenge.

Silent auction donation certificate templates

5 Essential Details on the Auction Sheet To Showcase Your Professionalism

Name of the Organization

Make sure you mention the name of your organization or the event logo on the bid sheet. You can use these templates and customize them per your need. To download the template and edit your company name and logo. Why is the organization name important on a bid sheet? It will remind the donors that they are not only bidding for an item but a cause. You can also take one step forward and mention the details about where the fund goes to. This will make the bidder feel motivated to quote a better price beyond its worth as they knew the money would help for a social cause.


Silent auction donation certificates

Tracking Number Of The Items Listed

It is quick and easy for both the auction host and the donor to check for the items using the tracking number. It is basically like having a reference number that helps in the quick organization of the bids and items. Committee also can check for the proposals by saving a lot of their time.


Silent auction gift certificate template

Heading and Details

Apart from the organization name and logo, this section also will provide more details about the purpose of the auction.

Write the heading in a big font and legible so that people can understand them better. You can be creative by giving a catchy name to the items, and that will allow the donors to remember the things. They will undoubtedly bid more for their favorite stuff than the others.

Also, write the item details in bullet points highlighting the critical information like location, expiry date, price, etc. whichever is applicable. Keep it short do not overboard readers with a lengthy description.

silent auction gift certificate templates

Benefactor Identification

Have space to allow bidders to write their details, and this will make them feel recognized and will bid on a regular basis. You can also give out separate bid sheets filling the bidder’s name, logo, etc. Make them privileged to inspire them to purchase more.

silent auction winner certificate

Beginning Bid and the Increments Value

You must explicitly state the initial bid amount not to waste the time of the bidder and your team. Also, mention the increment amount so that bidders will be aware of the same. Find some sample templates with the pre-bid amount for your understanding. You can even fill them and give a bright idea to the bidders.


silent auction winner certificate template sample

Remember to omit the retail value and give an ideal amount to start the bid. This will help bidders to begin bidding comfortably. Your bid sheet will have all the details on one page, and bidders can quickly check the items they wish to offer for and quote an amount. They know the base price and the increment value. The job is simple, and you can sell as many items possible by making use of my tips to present your auction sheet self-explanatory.

silent auction winner certificate templates

Silent auction winner certificates

Donation In Honor Of Certificate Template

Now, you used the bid sheet and got terrific clients to buy the entire items you posted for sale. That’s nice to hear, and you want to give them a certificate honoring the donation. This you need not give only to the winners but also to the participants. The person who won might provide you with money for the item he/she is buying this time, but the person who did not win had the intention, and you must respect that gesture with a donation in honor of certificate. You have those templates here for free again.

silentauction display template

3 Valuable Tips To Honor The Donor 

The very thought of donating itself must be appreciated and hence make sure you use the templates after editing some details.

  1. Mention the Donor Name in bold to recognize the wiliness to donate.
  2. Write in brief about your honoring for the purchase of / shown interest in the acquisition of which item and its value. This will let know their generosity in extending a helping hand for donating for a cause.
  3. Remember to write the details of the event and the auction purpose. This will help them remember you for the next time and will come forward to participate in the auction.

silentauction display templates

Finally, you must know what wording can make the winner feel great about the silent auction certificate. Hence get inspired by some wordings to fill the certificate. Yes, you download the template and copy the wordings to edit the document and give it to the auction winners.

In the certificate by default fill the name, date of the event and the signature of the authority who issues the certificate. You must mention at least a one-liner to thank the bidder for buying your items auction sale that was created for a cause.

Here you have some wordings

  1. Thanks! For making this event a great success and your money are valued for the cause (mention the reason).
  2. Glad to have you as part of the auction and you have purchased the costliest item, and your donation will help our charity organization to help the needy.
  3. You deserve a standing ovation for your magnanimity in purchasing the item XYZ as you know the worth and still came forward to donate to the poor.
  4. Appreciate your support for winning most of the bids, and you made the day of the cancer patients for which the fund is raised.
  5. Without your donation, we could not have met our goal of help the refugees and purchase item from us to give food to those who suffer.

I can continue with many more wordings. Trust you can tweak this to use it to your best need. Quickly download any template and customize to use it. Let your silent auction explode exceptionally and wishing you to mobilize fund more than what you need to support for that charitable cause.