Pet Health Certificate Template: 9 Word Templates to Download for Free


Do you want to know when precisely you wish to use the pet health certificate? Before that, you want to understand about pet health certificate. Yes, it is simple, and you will know that getting a certificate of fitness for your pet. It could be a dog, cat or any other pet. Why will you require a pet health certificate? When you want to sell your pet, then you need to give a medical certificate stating that your pet’s health is in excellent condition. Also, you need this certificate for traveling from one state to another and even to another country. Yes, every state in the US has different regulations; however, you can use the pet health certificate templates for your use. You must get this attested by a veterinarian accredited by USDA.

Cat Health Certificate

Also, every veterinarian can use these templates to give a certificate to your client who has a dog, cat, or other pet animals.

Which Pet Health Certification Template Best Suits You

Ok, now you need to know what kind of certificate you must pick from here to satisfy the regulation of any country.

5 Types Of Basic Pet Health Certificate

  1. Few Countries accept a certificate issued by a regular veterinarian and no need for USDA accreditation.
  2. Others might demand USDA accredited veterinarian signature on the certificate.
  3. You can print the certificate on a standard letterhead.
  4. Also using rabies certificate issued by an authorized veterinarian holds good for some countries.
  5. You need to check with the Airline for the specific type of certification

Cat Health Certificates

Tips To Obtain The Pet Health Certificate For Travel

  • Plan before you travel with your pet and get the paperwork
  • Always give vaccinations to pet on a regular basis to avoid any hassles at the last minute.
  • Check for the state policy and get the certificate done.
  • Know your mode of transportation to arrange for papers accordingly.
  • Also, know the expiry date of the health certificate and get the documents done.

Certificate Of Veterinary Inspection

The Pet Health Certificate Must Contain The Following Details – Mandatory Irrespective Of The State/Country Law.

  • AGE
  • Name, Phone, Email Id, and Physical address. If traveling, then both from and to address must be included.




Certificate Of Veterinary Inspections

Include the vaccination details and the treatment details along with the veterinarian ID number etc.

Note: Rabies vaccination holds good only if injected 30 days before travel date and must not exceed 12 months.

Some countries ask for a blood test and then include them. Few look for a translated version of the certificate in their language.

Don’t panic; you can download from here and edit it. However, the fundamental does not change.

Dog Health Certificate for Travel Template

Need For Dog Health Certificate For Travel

Most of the pet owners have either dog or cat. Why should dog health certificate be obtained for your travel?

Here you go with few pointers.

1.      A certificate authenticates the dog’s breed.

2.      The dog’s birthmark or any other identification which helps to handover dog to the owner when lost during travel.

3.      Name of the dog which it can recognize.

4.      During purchase, the certificate authorizes the new owner that the dog is in good health condition also helps to know what vaccination or treatment needs to be given in future.

Dog Health Certificate for Travel Templates

Steps To Create A Dog Certificate Template

As usual like any other certificate template you can design the pet health certificate using MS Word, Excel, etc. Alternatively, you can download the PDF format, word, or excel from this page and customize per your need.

Change the font size, color, font type, etc. Make a great border. Use paw prints or dog bones and related themes.

Quickly open word and choose blank certificate template and fill all the mandatory details as mentioned in the section above under the subheading “The Pet Health Certificate Must Contain The Following Details – Mandatory Irrespective Of The State/Country Law.”


Pet Health Certificate Template

Certificates Of Veterinary Inspection (CVI)

So far you understood about a general certificate mentioning the health of a pet. Now, let’s get into some specifics. The certificate that is used for veterinary inspection must have details about the animal age, disease, health condition, etc. It will be a certificate with detailed reporting about the pet including a dog, cat, or any equine.

Every state is particular about this because when one animal with some contagious disease reaches their place, then it causes great pain. Hence inspection and a certificate are mandatory.

CVI Exceptions

(1)   When the pet travels for a short span,

(2)   When animals get transferred from one place to another for research, scientific, or educational purpose.

(3)   At the time of veterinary care facility provided and hence transferred.

(4)   When entering got fairs, shows, or exhibitions.

These exceptions must be mentioned in the CVI in one column.

Pet Health Certificate Template Word

Just for your knowledge when you move to the USA know that the following essential states and the CVI need

ü  Washington – Requires for cats and the dogs.

ü  Texas – No need but for commercial travel it demands a CVI per the airline policy.

ü  Montana – No need unless it is a sale.

ü  Michigan – Needs for dog and not cats.

ü  Maine – Do not demand CVI until they get imported for adoption or resale.

ü  Illinois – Need for CVI for dogs and not cats.

ü  Georgia – No need for cats and dogs on travel but sale CVI is a must.

ü  California – No need for CVI for cats and dogs.

Pet Health Certificate Templates

Cat Health Certificate for Travel

As discussed above dog and cat are both considered pet and majority of people either have cat or dog and sometimes both. But, you need to get cat health certificate for the following requirements.

·         When you buy a cat from an owner within the same state, another state in the country, or another country.

·         At the time of accompanying your cat in your travel by road or air.

·         Sending your cat with others, agents for any event in another state. Even when your cat is sent to stay with your friends or family for a while.

Things To Carry Along With The Pet Health Certificate

A health certificate alone won’t suffice, and it is a good practice to carry the following supporting details.

(1)   Your pet’s Veterinarian’s contact details to reach out by phone for any help.

(2)   Details of the authority, who signed the certificate for verification with any legal body on the way of your travel.

(3)   List of Veterinarian details from the state you visit to attend an emergency situation.

(4)   Recently taken a color photo of the pet.

(5)   ID tag with your contact details to be hung on your pet’s neck.

(6)   Pet’s medical records and vaccination details with dates and other information.

(7)   Lastly your pet’s food etc.

Remember traveling with your pet is no joke, and it is equal to carrying a baby with you. This pet cannot speak their problem, and you need to go equipped to avoid any mishap. Feel free to use the certificate templates from here for free and get them signed by your veterinarian and get ready for your travel.


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