Pinewood Derby Certificate Template: 9 certificates (All about Car Racing)

Pinewood Derby is a racing event organized for the cub Scots in the boy Scots of America. Cub Scots is the part of the scouting program of the boy scouts of America which is held for first to fifth grades of the student or 7 to 11.5 years of age and their families. Cub scouting aim is to promote character development, citizenship and personal fitness.

BSA stand’s for Boy scouts of America whose goal is to train youth in responsible citizenship, character development and self reliance through participation in different out door activities, education programs. Cub scout build their own car of wood with the help of their parents.

So we are providing you the certificate of pinewood Derby which will help you to build a strong relationships between parents and child. Pinewood Derby is all about car racing or car making. If you are organizing such kind of events in your organization than these certificate templates will help you to cherish their achievements. These certificates are easier to create and print than they seem to be. If you like our certificates than all you need is to click on that blue white down load button and the certificate get downloaded on your system in an editable format so you can edit these certificate according to your requirements.

cub scout pinewood derby certificate template

Cub Scout derby certificates

Cub Scouting is fun. Mostly cub scouts are for boys and for girls there are brownies. It is the most prominent values based youth development organization. In Cub Scout whenever a cub completes a task or learn a new skill you will be rewarded. These rewards bring a pretty smile on your parents faces to see your grow and learn. So here we are providing you a wide range of these kinds of certificates which will make your participants good in their jobs.

Cub scout derby certificate is not only for someone who did only creative things here we are also providing you some mesmerizing participation certificates which will feel the zeal of achieving a better e position  in the next tournament.

cub scout pinewood derby certificate templates

Pinewood Derby certificate can be read as:

Pinewood Derby pack:…………….


Presented to…………………………



pinewood derby award certificate template

Pinewood Derby First place Certificate

One thing that makes the occasion of winning first place in any competition more memorable is a certificate. The certificate not only elevates the pride of being a winner but documents the even tin long-lasting way. Children love to achieve a certificate. For them it represents the result of their hard work and proof of their achievement . It is not hing less of prestigious showpiece that they love to show off by ornamenting it in their study-shelf. Hence the pinewood derby award certificates should be attractive and appeasing to look at. They can be of various theme so with some beautiful motivational quote to promote the child’s hard work.

pinewood derby award certificate templates

Here are some the med certificates that would appeal to them children ‘popular fantasies like Disney characters.

Here are some certificates with motivational quotes. It allows the child to learn something new and know famous words of famous people.

Pinewood Derby Award Ideas

If you are looking for pinewood derby awards ideas than we have a large variety of awards that will help you to find best one for you. What are you waiting for go and grab the one which is suitable for you.

List of different award certificate provided by us are:

Fastest looking car.

Wildest looking car.

Best car with a driver.

Best animal car.

Best snack car(a papaya car).

Best use of stickers.

Most colorful.

Most patriotic.

Best paint job.

Fan’s choice

Most cub scouting.

Scouter’s choice.

Most realistic.

Most funniest.

Special guest choice.

Beginner’s luck.


Best use of colors.

Most creative.

Best shape.

Best scout theme

Best use of imagination

Most unusual car

Race master’s favorite.

Scariest looking car

Sportiest car

Tallest car

Thinest car.

pinewood derby certificate template

Here are the wide range of certificate so you don’ t have to worry about awards you need to give to your participants. There are so many award’s available here that each participant can receive the honor for their participation. These certificates are so colorful and each certificate is different from another one.

pinewood derby certificate templates

pinewood derby certificate templatess

pinewood derby certificate word template

Pinewood Derby Tips

As you know that Pinewood derby is a car racing event in which the participants have to build the car at their own with the help of their parents. The car is either made up of woods or some kit which will provide by the pinewood derby.

So if you having a pinewood derby kit then here are some tips for you:

  • All you need is to have one block four wheels and four axes .
  • If any of these parts are defective than try to replace it. If the find cracks near the axle slots or chip on the slots than replace it.
  • Axle should be straight. Mount each axle in drill and then spin it. If the head of the axle wobbles, the axle should be replace.

pinewood derby certificate word templates

  • Mount each wheel on one of the axles and then spin the wheels.
  • The wheel should roll in a straight line and does not wobble.
  • Cut your pinewood derby block in a wedge shape than add the plastic parts provided in the kit.
  • Now touch the car and feel the smoothness. If it is then it is ready for further procedure.
  • Now paint your car from whichever color combination you want to use.
  • If the car surface is not smooth and you painted it then your paint get messy and car doesn’t get finishing or shining look.

Here are some of the tips provided by us. Hope these tips will help you to make your car and win the race. We wish you good luck for your next pinewood derby contest.