25+ Downloadable and Printable Funny End of the Year Awards for Students Templates

It would be a brilliant idea to bring the school year to a closure with an informal awards ceremony whereby the funny end of the year awards for students can be presented to appreciate them.  You can give them a simple editable certificate at the end of the year nevertheless they need not essentially be for academic achievement.

You can be a bit creative in awarding the children, for instance, you can award for best guppy smile, best joke teller, always willing to try, quickest changer in PE, most brave, most tidy, most helpful, most cheerful, best at sharing, best pencil sharpener, best at helping others etc. You will find templates for all these on this site which you can easily download and customize the wording, colors, images, borders etc.

funny awards for students at the end of the year

Superlatives awards to appreciate

Presenting superlative awards to appreciate at an end-of-year award ceremony is a fun way to tell the students that we teachers actually enjoyed working with them for one complete year. While identifying academic achievement can be exciting, identifying students for their exceptional charismas and traits can be a more cheerful way to rejoice in the class.

funny awards for students at the end of the years

The basic reason for giving out these fun awards is to find something exceptional about every one of your students. A fun suggestion may be to let the students propose nominations for their peers. Then, on the award ceremony day, students can discover who won and for which category.

funny end of the year awards for high school student

Creating the Awards

These funny awards certificates tender the chance to demonstrate your genuine or mock admiration for remarkable traits or talents of students at a group occasion. These certificates observe the silly or strange acts like ‘The Human Recycle Bin’ for a student who eats questionable remnants or ‘The Paper Towel Award’ for the ones who clean up their classroom quickly.

Creating the awards on your own by means of a graphics program, or a template that is accessible online on this site by filling up the name of the student who receives the award will be more enjoyable.

funny end of the year awards for high school students

Emphasize the positive

While humour is time and again a factor of end-of-the-year awards, it should not be the key focus. You have to seed the positive attributes of your students first, and then locate a funny presentation later. If needed, make a list of students with their unique skills, interests as well as abilities. This will facilitate you to keep your awards focused and allow you to emphasize the positive in a student.

funny end of the year awards for student

Award ideas to motivate you and your class

Celebrating Students

In a classroom location or at a summer camp or maybe a day camp, presenting silly awards to celebrating students present credit for the nonathletic or nonstudious children who almost get ignored during competitive activities. For example; you can give ‘The Bookworm Award’ to a child who always reads a book at lunch hour. A student who loves to be the focal point can be awarded ‘The Golden Microphone’ and a child who wants to pursue a career in music ‘The Rock Star’ award.

funny end of the year awards for students

Comedic Class Reunions

Comedic Class Reunions certificates can be given at class reunions and it gives a chance for classmates to rejoice after school days.  You can give awayThe Wildest Wardrobe award to the student who comes with the most exclusive clothing style during school and in the template, you can add an image with an outfit, if feasible. You can also present a funny award for instance The Most Likely to be a Dishwasher’ to a student who expressed no initiative.  A student who is least recognized by classmates can be presented with aWho are you?award.

funny end of the year awards for teacher

funny end of the year awards for teachers

Certificate Awards Categories

A few certificate awards categories for the funny end of the year awards for students’ can be:

  • Strongest Speller
  • Silliest Joke Teller
  • Silliest Story Teller
  • Neatest Coloring in the Lines Artist
  • Best Sharer
  • Best Conflict Manager
  • Most Creative Drawer
  • Most Organized Cubby or Locker Keeper
  • Sweetest Smile
  • Best Giver of Compliments
  • Best Story Teller

funny end of year awards for athlete

  • Neatest Desk or Binder Keeper
  • Kindest Listener
  • Best Dancer
  • Strongest Multiplier
  • Kindest Helper
  • Best Jump Roper
  • Strongest Hop Scotch Player
  • Best Fashionistas
  • Best Line Leader
  • Best Collector of Items
  • Strongest Aloud Reader
  • Best Getting Teacher off Topic Talker
  • Nicest Handwriting
  • Best Cleaner Upper
  • Most Creative Thinker
  • Best Note Taker
  • Strongest Group Leader
  • Most Creative Decorator
  • Most Outrageous Outfits
  • Biggest Smiler
  • Strongest Follower of Directions
  • Computer Expert
  • Most Interesting Collection of Items in Locker
  • Most Thoughtful
  • Best Friend to Everyone
  • Quietest Worker
  • Class Bookworm
  • Best Negotiator

funny end of year awards for athletes

Student certificates templates

For every student certificates templates, you can key in the text fields to modify it based on the recipient of the certificate. You can add things like name, date, words of praise, teacher’s name, bullet points, etc. It is very simple to do and within no time you can have a very professional- seeming award certificate. You can utilize these templates year after year, and with class after class.

All the certificate templates come in PDF as well as PowerPoint format. You need not buy any software in order to use the PDF format and they work well on PCs in addition to Maps. The PowerPoint edition lets you change anything on the funny awards certificate templates.

funny end of year awards for employee

How to customize

These are very fundamental templates that need you to key in the certificate name and the text describing the credential. These can be downloaded for free from this site and then open on your PC in MS Word or PowerPoint. This kind of certificate provides you with much more creative freedom since you can customize all or the majority of the text.

funny end of year awards for employees

funny end of year awards ks2

To key in text on any of the templates, you have to just click on the text box and start typing. Some amusing ideas for joke certificates that you can make from scratch are Most Excellent Hair, Most Excellent Dancer, Most Late Comer, Poser Award, Most Excellent Dressed, Best Laugh etc. Most of the templates have a text box at the top wherein you need to type the certificate title, a text box in the middle to describe the certificate as well as at the bottom a text box to type the name of the recipient.

funny end of year awards ks2s

funny student awards for the end of the year


These year-end fun awards can make the students leave the school on a constructive note. Even though they consume some time; nevertheless, the smiles they bring on the students’ faces is worth it. These awards being funny or not rely a lot on the ambiance at school. However, you can as well remember over the year to something that occurred and was vaguely shocking or humorous. Time and again, a few of the most excellent and most funny end of year awards for students occurs from those instants.  For example a prominent slip up by the Principal, or a predominantly very funny stunt that students will keep in mind. Just be sure that everyone has fun and enjoy themselves!

funny student awards for the end of the years