This Certificate Entitles the Bearer Template: 10 templates (For Personal/Official Use)


Come along to download “This Certificate Entitles The Bearer” template for your personal or official use. You can use this as a gift certificate for any purpose. I have also provided details regarding what is this certificate means, how to use it and where to use it. Also, let me tell you the ways to fill them and customize per your need. All you have to do is, read the details and use the template for gifting purposes.

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What does “This Certificate Entitles The Bearer” Means

Straightforward explanation to this certificate is anyone who gets this certificate is allowed to use that as a gift certificate in the places where they can actually redeem the benefits of the certificate. If you are planning to give a gift certificate to someone on personal or official grounds, then you are most welcome to use these templates for FREE.


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Where Is It Used

Unlike gift certificates that are designed for a particular purpose and given for the same, “This Certificate Entitles The Bearer” certificate can be designed one time and filled for multiple purposes any time. Sounds very interesting? Yes, it is.

You need not search for separate gift certificates but use “This Certificate Entitles The Bearer” for any of your gifting purposes.

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Who Can Give “This Certificate Entitles The Bearer”

Actually speaking, anyone can give this certificate and to anyone. Yes, let me list few examples for you. The list is big, and I am not giving all here. Just for you to know if you can give this certificate.

Personally, you can give this to anyone – It could be any store credit, gift worth some money, any services they can avail using this certificate, allow them to purchase any product, etc.

In the office, you can give this to your employee on their birthday, anniversary, Christmas or New Year. You can also make your clients happy by giving gift certificates expressing a token of gratitude for doing business with you.

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Steps Involved in Designing the Certificate “This Certificate Entitles The Bearer”

Like any other certificates, the usual things like logo, name, etc. remains the same. Just know more about the steps involved in designing the certificate.

First, you can select any template from Word or PowerPoint and write your company name. Place the logo.

Then straightway mention “This Certificate Entitles The Bearer” and specifies the name of the beneficiary.

Now say the worth of the certificate. It could be gifting them 24$ off on any purchase; discount offered on any services, spa treatment, dental checkup and much more.

Write the date of issue of the certificate and the period before which it has to be used.

Sign at the bottom of the certificate and below that mention regarding the terms and conditions if any. Say for example this certificate is valid only for the purchase of things not for cash exchange etc.

Now, I have made all your efforts simpler. Ask me how? Yes, I have designed several formats for you and all you have to do is, download the template you require and fill in the recipient name.

Can it be easier than this? Not at all possible. Feel free to customize these certificates.


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Benefits Of Giving “This Certificate Entitles The Bearer” Certificate

I agree with you; you can either give the gift or at least a gift certificate to the person whom you wish to. What is so special about giving “This Certificate Entitles The Bearer” Certificate? Just not one benefit but more. HERE YOU GO with the answers.

  1. Save Money – Yes, when you have an account with any store, today most of the stores have gift card concept. You can gift that to your loved ones or just the deserving people on occasion. You need not spend that extra seasonal money. For example, any gift bought during Christmas will be double the cost than when you buy it in advance. I am sure you will agree with me.
  2. Next, you can give some choice by providing a certificate entitles the bearer. Unlike you give a particular gift, they may be forced to accept it even if they don’t like it or already have it.

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  1. Based on the situation you can issue this certificate filling the space in the template. This way you appreciate on time, and that adds more personal touch.
  2. Break monotony by only giving coffee mugs and bag packs for your customers. Allow them to choose what they want, but you hold the pride of gifting as your certificate will mention your company details on the certificate.
  3. Issuing “This Certificate Entitles The Bearer” Certificate is also a clever way to market your brand.
  4. These certificates do not force the recipient to get the item or use the service immediately. Stipulated time given will allow them to make use of it when they really want to use it.
  5. You can send these certificates across location. Yes, email the certificates to anyone in the world, and you don’t shell out any extra money. Still, you feel good to gift someone special.

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“This Certificate Entitles The Bearer” – Certificate Wordings

Finally, I would like to help you with some appropriate wordings.

Remember it begins with “This Certificate Entitles The Bearer” Certificate, which is there in my template.  I will give few sample wordings to fill in the blanks.

  • to single, One-hour ­_____ session either in person or remote distance. (It could be any course spa massage, yoga, reiki, swimming, ).
  • to a savings of $50 on the purchase of things worth $500 and above.
  • One free Dance/Music/_______ trial class.
  • To undergo a basic health check-up covering blood analysis, sugar test, lipid profile, thyroid functioning,
  • To have one free dental review and teeth cleaning.

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My final words, now you know everything about “This Certificate Entitles The Bearer” Certificate. It’s time to use any of the templates from here that includes fast food freebies, spa treatment, golf, Happy Birthday certificates, and much more.

Download these spectacular, colorful templates today and stay in touch with all your employees, relatives, clients, or your friends. Recognize all those exceptional ones and feel good.


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