Free Membership Certificates: 14 templates in Word Format (Ready to Use)

Membership certificate template

Membership Certificate template is a document given to a certain member of specific company or organization for fulfilling the duties or responsibilities. Generally, these certificates are a free document and can be downloaded online. Some organizations prefer to create their own certificates to issue for their employees. Creating new certificate template services are offered by several sites online.

Free Church Membership Certificate Template

Church membership certificate template

The Church membership certificate is issued by the religious organizations to their members to demonstrate the religious values, principles towards their community. The main aim of this certificate is to bring forward a certain religious organization people together and form a community where they can practice their principles, values and spread them to others. Using a high-quality certificate of membership is like member having faith in the church or community.

The membership offers enrollment into the church or any religious organization and motivates others to join and remain with the church. Such types of certification are mostly seen in the western countries.

Free Church Membership Certificate Templates

Free Club Membership- Certificate Template

Certificate of membership in an organization

Many Big Businesses and Organizations treat their employees as an asset and want their employees to feel the same way. Many companies for thanking their employees for their efforts and services offer with a Membership certificates. These certificates issued to the employees are a symbol of excellence and gratitude shown by the company. The certificate is one way of showing commitment and the bond existing between an employee and company.

Most Companies believe that by awarding membership certificate to the employees determine the compassion and give some sort of recognition in the organization. This type of policy gives motivation to the other employees to engage more with the organization and present themselves into the top positions.

Free Club Membership- Certificate Templates

And also awarding the certificate of membership makes the employees feel that they are not working in a company but living in a community. This brings the energetic environment to the work area and company can yield the best results.

Free Honorary Life Membership Certificate Template

Honorary membership certificate template

The Honorary membership is a type of membership that is given for life to an individual. It is awarded by the boards of directors of a certain organization or an institution to the people who have rendered meritorious services in their designated fields. For instance, who dedicated their time and study in their field receive such type of honorary certifications. It is the symbol of lifetime achievement of work in respective fields. Honorary Membership is among the most prestigious awards in the Society. Consequently, it is expected that all nominees will be truly outstanding individuals who have significantly furthered the purposes of the Society through an evidenced appreciation.

Free Honorary Life Membership Certificate Templates

Membership certificate LLC template

The LLC is a corporation or more of limited liability Company where a certain group of individuals form an LLC organization and  do business in that name. The certification of LLC template helps the group of individuals to do business by enrolling the company name for the LLC and receives a certification of LLC.For the certification of LLC, few details are to be filled.

  • LLC Name
  • The Date of LLC
  • The name and address of the registered agent or the person who is going to receive all the legal information on behalf of the company.
  • The address of the company main office or registered post office.
  • In some cases, at least one member’s address belonging to LLC Company is required.
  • These are few credentials to be filled for the government authority to issue the LLC certificate template.

Free Life Membership Certificate Template

After the certification of LLC is done the members can start their business. The main advantage of LLC Company is people belonging to the company do their business as a separate legal entity. This means they get a separate tax identification number and Bank account.

And in case if the company is going to bankruptcy then members of that company have a choice to back out any minute without paying debts of the company. In the sense, their debt was with the LLC, not the people that owned the LLC.

These types of certificates are issued as per the regulation of the LLC lying under state jurisdiction.

Free Life Membership Certificate Templates

Certificate of membership wording

Certificate of membership can be issued by the users in the wording using Microsoft word document but there are many online sites available which perform such services for free and paid. In the word document for the membership certificate first, the name of the awardee is to be mentioned along with the organization name in which the awardee is a member. Then the date of the membership should be published along with the presenter of the award.

Generally, the genuine certificates are done by the organization itself but in some cases, the certification is presented by different groups.This type of membership certificate brings the organization together thus making the bond between the employees and organization strong.

Free llc Membership Certificate Template


Free llc Membership Certificate Templates

Lifetime membership certificate template

The lifetime membership certificate is awarded to a specific individual who has excelled in the work done in certain fields. The lifetime membership is given to those who contributed for a quite long time in their work to the organization. In this certificate, the name of the person receiving the certificate is mentioned along with the fields in which they presented their work. The presenter of the certificate is also mentioned on the day of the award received by the specific person.

This kind of membership certificate is very prestigious among the scholars as it is the significance of their work in the organization or respective fields.

Free Membership Certificate Martial Arts

Free Membership Certificate Martial Arts Template

Free Membership Certificate Template

Life membership certificate wording

The lifetime certificate wording services are offered online by many online sites. To make the certificate wording the awardee name is printed along with mentioning the field in which they are receiving the award and also the presenter of the award name. In some cases the day of the award also mentioned.

These services are offered online with free versions and premium version in some cases. Many educational institutes and various other organizations use the life membership certificate wording.

Free Membership Certificate Templates

Generally, the certification is considered as an important asset to every individual because it defines the accomplishments of person that they have done in their life and gives some sort of recognition and feel like they are part of something great. Many institutions and organizations follow such tradition of issuing the certification to encourage the people to give their best.