Certificate of Recognition Templates: 30+ Best Ideas and Free Samples

It feels good to stand in the limelight. Do you know why? It is because most of us have an inner thirst to be recognized. Whether you work in an office, a study in school, college, take part in sports or merely do the cooking at home, you want to be recognized for your excellent work. When others appreciate you for your superb work, then that recognition does not have a replacement. You want to recognize anyone for a good job; then you can download a certificate of recognition template from this site and use it per your requirement.

Before downloading any template from here, you must do one thing. Are you worried about charges? No, it’s free, but I would personally request you to read the details collected on this page to get a better idea about recognition and recognition templates.

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Certificate Of Recognition Meaning

To begin with, you must first understand the meaning of certificate of recognition. It is usually a legal document issued by an authorized person and carries value. One who receives the certificate feels excellent about being recognized for their superb work, efforts, timely delivery, and much more. It is in general given only to the deserving individual. The recognition certificate is of two types namely.

Permanent – These certificates can be used for lifelong, and the act of recognition hold good till the receiver is alive and the fame stands after the mortal leaves the world.

Time Bound Or Temporary Certificate Of Recognition This is valid for a defined period. For instance and recognition, the certificate is given to a guest speaker it might have validity for 2 or five years. They may use that to get another opportunity as a credit to their profile.

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Why Do I Need A Certificate Of Recognition Template For Employee

Ok, when you think a certificate of recognition, the first thing coming to the mind is employees. Most of the time such certificates are used to motivate employees at work. Yes, it not always possible to give monetary increment, promotion, and onsite opportunity to recognize a good job. But, any work not getting recognized might make an employee feel bad, and thus even a top performer might lose interest in working. Human brain always looks for a pat on the back gesture to work efficiently.

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The top five reasons to give certificate of recognition to employees include

  1. The certificates motivate the employee to work in a focused manner.
  2. An alternative manner to appreciate the good
  3. Cheap and the best method to identify the talent.
  4. Certificates carry value than a gift hamper or rewards are given in the form of money. They can be used as a reference and recorded in the employees’ profile.
  5. The company moves elevated in the view of the employees for their professionalism.

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Certificate Of Recognition Template For Students

How to make children study? The options are

  1. Appreciate their small work
  2. Recognize them in front of others
  3. Scold them and Punish Them

I am sure none of you selected option C as you know that these days punishment doesn’t do any good other than leading to suicide decision among children. Students are delicate, and you need to deal them with care. So you might toggle between option A and B. According to my opinion, B stands good as you appreciate them but in front of others. This will boost their self-esteem, and hence they will get the spirit to work hard. Also, a certificate is given to them to kindle the inner fire among other students, and they will even start working towards getting one.

certificate of recognition template for students

certificate of recognition as facilitator

certificate of recognition as judge

certificate of recognition as resource speaker

You need not give them a costly gift and arrange for a grand celebration to handover certificates. Only make sure their classmates are present when you give the certificate to them. Let them know why they are receiving it and indirectly motivate others to work towards coming in the front. This will increase the competitive spirit among all, and you must never give up this gesture of appreciating them. Make this an ongoing process.

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7 Foolproof steps to motivate students with certificate of recognition

  1. Inform that you have planned out for such a program and let them know the criteria to get nominated for the certificate.
  2. Consistently work with them to know the efforts in getting the certificate. This will identify the consistent student who works towards achieving perfection.
  3. Send a note to their parents and request them to stand along with you in the entire process. Ask for their feedback to make a judgment. Let this be secret from students to allow them to be themselves at home. Let certificates not become a pressure for them.
  4. Frequently you must verbally appreciate the good work they do and do this for every student so that they have some competition.
  5. Collect some feedback from the classmates and let students understand that they need to work towards being recognized.
  6. Finally, announce the deserving student and give a certificate. Ask them to speak about their success journey.
  7. Let other students know that it is an ongoing process and certificate can be given This will keep them on their toes, and you can see a drastic change in their performance. That is the power of recognition/appreciation.

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Benefits Of Giving Certificate Of Recognition Template For Parents

You may think that the previous topic was all about employees, but this heading speaks about parents. Both are contradictory, and you may accept that employees look for appreciation. Do parents look for one; are they not performing their work out of love? All your questions are valid. Let me ask you a simple query. Are Parents human beings too? Will they not feel great about being recognized for their love from their children? Yes, if you understood the questions right, then you will realize that it is not that they ask for a certificate of recognition. Still, if one such certificate is given, they will feel glad. The only way to make parents happy is by letting them know that you’re with them. You cannot repay whatever they did to you. But you can make them happy by expressing your gratitude in the form of a recognition certificate.


certificate of recognition for outstanding parents

Major 3 benefits of Certificate of Recognition Template for Parents

  1. You can quickly download the template for your parents and give them happiness today itself.
  2. These templates can be customized, and hence you can unwind your creative skills to add any information and remove any.
  3. You can see the joy in the eyes of your parents by using these mind-blowing templates.

certificate of recognition template for parents

certificate of recognition for outstanding performance

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Certificate Of Recognition Template For Sports

Sporting activity can make one fit, flexible, reliable, and above all feel stress-free. Ok, but does everyone participate in sports? Probably not, because there is no time, no place, and several other noes. There is one easy way to motivate those who can play but are lazy too. Do you know that secret formula? Yes, give out a certificate of recognition for sports, and that can boost the confidence 100 times more for every individual, and you can stay assured on a better performance.

certificate of recognition template sports

5 Reasons You Can Give Out Certificate Of Recognition For Sports

  1. For those who complete the training program and become an eligible instructor.
  2. You must not forget to recognize the volunteers for being part of events like running and walking to raise fund for a good cause.
  3. To keep up the high spirits of the participants upon completing an exhausting sporty boot camp.
  4. For those employees who excel at the sporty corporate
  5. Customers who attain the weight loss, stamina or strength-training objectives.

Apart from the reasons mentioned above one can give a certificate of recognition for the deserving individual for other reasons as well.

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Certificate of Recognition Wording

Now, you have seen several recipients like employees, parents, students and much more to stand deserving to get a certificate of recognition. In this section, you must know about the wordings that will stand apt on each certificate category. You can use these templates with different wordings, but also edit the wording based on your creativity and find few samples to kindle your thoughts.

The best wording in a certificate of recognition could be a simple THANK YOU or KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK. But, you can know more from this section. Primarily three parts where you want more wordings to include the certificate of recognition wording for employees, certificate of recognition wording for guest speakers, and certificate of recognition wording for a sportsperson.

certificate of recognition of student leadership

Two Things to remember when editing the wordings are

  1. Add clear wording explain the reason for appreciating an individual or group.
  2. Never keep the wordings too lengthy, it must define the details in a crisp tone.

So find below some guidelines to start with HOW to write the right wordings and WHAT is the correct wording.

The Beginning

You must use original wordings as phenomenal, outstanding, innovative, courageous, champion, etc. Let know a simple tip; you can use these words or use thesaurus to find the best alternative.

Word Arrangement

The arrangement of words is necessary because you must know how to place the words. Ensure the order in which you want to put the words. Follow the flow in a specific manner like first company name, the recipient, the award details, etc.


certificate of recognition preschool

Find one example

Company Name – ABC Private Ltd

Employee of the Month

Name of the Recipient

Now you can place the statement – Four sample statements

  • Appreciate your contribution.
  • In gratifying gratitude for your long-term obligation to outstanding customer support.
  • Glad for your dedicated work and your exceptional efforts just made the distinction.
  • Sincere thanks for your futurist guidance and commendable management skills.

certificate of recognition retirement

Certificate of Recognition Wording For Sports

  • We widely appreciate your participation spirit. Keep up the good
  • Without you, this winning could not have been impossible. Thank you for your support.
  • We would like to recognize your consistent goal preventing effort.
  • Hats off to being present with us.
  • The team is glad to have you as part, and that made the winning happen.


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certificate of recognition template boy scouts

Certificate Of Recognition Wording For Employees

Now, know your employees and place the right wording. Giving certificate of recognition is a good act, but that does not carry value without the appropriate wordings. You can use the following text for recognizing employees’ good job.

  • You’re recognized for your consistent efforts.
  • The committed employee always deserves a recognition certificate. You deserve it.
  • Dedication is the root of You succeeded.
  • You made it happen because of your hard work.

Your presence the made the organization move up the ladder.

certificate of recognition template for employee

Certificate Of Recognition Wording For Guest Speakers

Guest speakers contribute by talking on occasions and make the event a grand success. They also will feel glad to be recognized for their contribution.

You can choose from one of the lists given below. Also, note these wordings need not be used for guest speakers only, but I have prepared a generalized list suiting recognition for any act. Get inspired and tweak based on your need and creativity.

  • Thank you for your brilliant contribution that made everything possible.
  • I would like to commend you for your best performance.
  • Your work brought us more customers than ever before.
  • It is great to have you part of the occasion.

certificateof recognition template for guest speaker

certificate of recognition template for word

Wrapping Up,

Now, you know WHY you must recognize, WHOM you should realize, and HOW it must be done. Above all, the WHERE question is answered, and you can download any certificate of recognition template from this page. Professional recognition certificates available here can make your life easy and you can give out a certificate to make the day of the performer.

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Every vehicle needs some fuel to run, and likewise, each person playing any different role requires recognition to keep up the courage. Apart from monetary benefits, role change, position, expressing appreciation in the form of a certificate of recognition will do wonders in the performance. It is worth more than anything, and the recipient will treasure it.

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